Vulkan News (non JME related)

Im sure many of you have seen the link below. If you have not, its the vulkan api running a demo on something similar to an android. People are getting excited about vulkan and I’m liking it more and more. Steam for those that have not seen it also have builds of their games running vulkan. Search for Dota2 vulkan. I am excited for better multi-core support and better load balance. Can i donate somewhere to JME to get me vulkan now ;D

Google supports the vulkan api for android

We will definitely support Vulkan once it’s mature, just like we’ve always supported OpenGL before it :chimpanzee_wink:


I’m glad that you will, but I like to bring this up for awareness. I truly believe that if Vulkan is everything they say it is going to be, will free the gaming community from the confines of proprietary operating systems. I’m just a nut job that is eagerly excited to monkey around with vulkan.