Want to help us with visual effects?

As you can see in my posts and the screen shots I post from time to time the client (wom s. http://www.world-of-mystery.de/client/ ) looks very dull.

We have some artists in the team but what I miss is techniques in OpenGL and jME beside the models e.g. texture splatting, effects, etc.

What would be absolutely great is if someone experienced with these things could help us out a bit. Maybe some evenings in the chat or with some code fragments or patches to the client. The client itself is published under the BSD license so we are more than happy to contribute back (s. http://cvs.world-of-mystery.de/cgi-bin/cvsweb.cgi/wom/ )

That's a scary old woman you got there!  :-o


The potatoe head? Yeah, that is there so people feel sorry for me and help me out with graphics.

hehe, that's quite a little scheme. :-p