Water + StaticPhysicsNode

Hi all!

I'm working on a simple flightsimulator to play on LAN-Parties with my friends. I'm a noob with jME, so my work goes very slow. I'm not a good 3D-Modeller, so I haven't a huge terrain, i use water. But I got a problem with that water: my airplane goes trough the water, although, I set the water as StaticPhysicsNode, and my plane as DynamicPhysicsNode. I make use of the water out of the TestProjectedWater example. What's wrong? Can someone set an example on the forum?

PS: sorry for my bad English

As the water render pass does not have actual geometry, it won't work with physics as simple as adding it to a physics node. You need to use terrain here. You'll be struggling a lot less with that. If you really want to use the water pass it would mean to implement custom height field physics geometry, which would be rather complicated.

Or put a big transparent box just under the water quad and use that box as a staticPhysicsNode


Thanks for the quick responses!