Waterstorm goes Open Beta

I'm sorry if this looks a bit like spam, but I thought there are many gamers here that are interested in Java games, so for your interest, here it is:

Rarebyte Releases Waterstorm Open Beta Test

The waiting has found its ending: Rarebyte's newest incarnation, Waterstorm, a fast paced 2D multiplayer shooter, goes beta. Players from around the world can measure up against each other in a sophisticated ranking system and team up as clans.

A massive variety of sub marines and weaponry rock the boat in Waterstorm. Subaqueous battles with jaw-dropping graphics guaranteed and free of charge!

You can dive into the world of Waterstorm using Linux, Mac OS or Windows. So have no fear and register right this second at www.waterstorm-game.com

To learn more about Rarebyte please visit www.rarebyte.com

Fun game, and the levels do look pretty awesome…

Too bad it seems the networking code isn't entirly stable yet… I "hang" quite a bit. When it does work, it's fun… though a bit too fast paced for my partially broken mouse. For such a fast paced game, with so many different weapons I'm surprised at how balanced it already is, and that it's genuinly fun to use the different weapons.

I also had a bit of trouble signing up (the captcha was hard to read, so I filled it out wrong, and after retrying it complained about cookies*), and the first time it took very long to start up without showing a progress window or anything…

  • I actually ate a cookie after that.**

    ** See how offtopic this part of the forum is? I'd almost say you can't post here cause you're too much ON topic.