We need your help

Hey monkeys I’ve made a rundown on most of the issues open in the engine on github.

I marked some of them as “Contribution welcome”. This means that if you are willing to help, feel confident about it, and hot for a pull request you can take those ones.
This would greatly help the engine’s development.

If you do take an issue and work on a pull request please make sure to comment the issue first to signal that the issue is “taken”. I’ll then assign you on the issue so there is no double work done.

Thank you!!


Worth pinning, perhaps?

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Fix issue #783 & #764

Yeah. There are one or two I can fix. Thanks for taking the time to tag them all @nehon.

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Just posting this list to easily find the contribution welcome issues

Hi @nehon, the link isn’t working, at least not for me. The desired issues can’t be found.
For me it works when the text in the search bar is replaced with is:open label:"Contribution welcome"

Yeah some character encoding disorder, I fixed the link.

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