Weekly Game Challange

**If you’d like to play along but aren’t feeling inspired, use this weeks theme for a starting point.
Current Theme, due April 10th: Small vs Large!

The week starts/ends on Monday, but it’s not really a hard deadline. The important thing is to finish something you’re proud of!

Hey everyone, been a couple years since I posted here on the forum but in all that time I never stopped working with jMonkey. By the end of January I realized I’ve been trying to make games for almost 4 years now and have never finished a single game. All that changed 2 weeks ago when I challenged myself to finish a game in 1 weekend. The idea came when scrolling through the forums and saw a comment about being able to clone Asteroids in 3 days (I believe it was @pspeed who made the suggestion to another user, so thank you!)

So I challenged myself to make 1 game a week for the next 50 weeks at least. These games will likely all be crappy clones, but I’m excited about giving it a go. 2 weeks ago was asteroids, this weekend was a snake game, next weekend will likely be moon lander? I’m putting them up on a blog so you can give them a try :slight_smile:

I’ll also put the challenge out there for anyone who’s been stuck in a rut for years slaving away on a masterpiece that looks less and less like it’ll be finished every day you work on it. I was there for awhile. Don’t give up! But seriously, take a break and make a game over the upcoming weekend. Post it, link it here and I promise I’ll play! Can’t be much worse than what I’ve just shared :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi there @QSDragon.

Glad to see I am not alone.

I love the idea you have about a game a weekend. Funny enough I also challenged myself with writing a game a month.

It has been fun so far, but maybe I will join you with this challenge.


Hello @ndebruyn,
A game a month is a good idea as well. I choose a shorter timeframe as it forced me to finish something simple. Whatever timeframe you choose i wish you luck and i would love to see any progress you make!

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Hey @QSDragon

currently I am working on a Battleships Remake. I have worked on this game for about 2-3 weeks now. I want the game to be finished in 2 weeks (maximum). Does this count as well? :blush:



So the more I think about this the more I think it could be fun and a massive learning exercise.
I think I want to do the weekly game challenge as well.

Would you mind if you or who ever pronounce a theme each week and then that way we all can participate each week which means we would be able to discuss difficult obstacle we face.

PS: it is just an idea but might be good and fun.

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Note: for the “one game a month” idea, there is this site:

I follow the creator on twitter so I stuff about it from time to time but haven’t ever participated or anything. (read: I don’t know if it’s any good or not)


Yeah I am registered there and I am hoping to add a few games there.

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@Domenic That absolutely counts, I will make a note to check your progress :wink:

@ndebruyn I don’t mind coming up with a weekly theme, especially since I plan on keeping up with my own projects. I’ll update the op. I’m not gonna have any real strong guidelines though. I started this thread in hopes that I would encourage other people who are to shy to post on the forums but lurk alot (like me) to actually finish something simple and post. I will make sure that every monday this thread is updated, and I willl pick a theme that relates to the game I wanted to make that week for anyone who needs some inspiration.

Most importantly though, I do promise that I will play and respond to ANY games posted here, whether they were made in a week or 500 weeks.

This weeks theme : Low Gravity


Noted and thanks. Trying to get a game idea is also one of my most difficult tasks so this will help.

Okay cool. Sound like a plan. I would however also like to make and Asteroid and Snake game with jME, so I might do that first.

O yeah and I like doing 2D games so you might see me make a lot of them instead of 3D.

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Sounds good to me. Go ahead and post any project you finish here. It doesn’t have to match the theme, it just needs to be finished enough that you can say “Sure, you can play it now!”. The whole point is to finish something and share it :slight_smile:



Hi there, just wondering how are you doing with this weeks challenge thus far?

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I only just started last night. I have a random heightmap that gets generated, places 5 “landing zones” and renders as lines. The lander is also modeled and renders as lines. I started the physics for gravity and thrusters, but there is no collision yet.

How are your projects going? Are you aiming for a game a month or were you gonna try finishing something by Monday as well?

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Well I really want to finish something by Monday and I will be doing the weekly challenge.
But I kind of challenged myself to make the asteroids and snake games first.

Yeah, it is going very well thus far.
I might share Asteroids today.

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Okay, here we go!

My first game for the weekly game challenge has been completed.

I made my own version of Asteroids called Asteroids Reloaded.

Link to download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwsJr-qW02qRT2dsUEQ2V19hTDQ/view?usp=sharing


Left = Left Arrow
Right = Right Arrow
Thrusts = Up Arrow
Shoot = Space bar
Exit = Esc

Some eye candy:


Pretty sweet! What was the total work hours to put that together?

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@ndebruyn Wow! that’s alot more polished than I coulda done in such short time, high score board and everything! I too am interested in an estimated man hours. The game itself seems to run pretty well. I did have it lock up when exiting the screen at the top, haven’t been able to re-create though.

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Hey guys. Thanks for the sweet words.
To be honest I think it took me about 20 hours if I should guess.

The game was written from scratch and except for the high score server part.
That was an existing service I use. I did however had to add the client code to talk to the high score REST service.

The game framework I used is my own (Galago). It is a basic game dev framework build on top of jME and it just makes my life much more simpler to develop games.

So next up I will try to do: Snakes remake.
This one will be much simpler because I want to do this weeks themed game as well (Low Gravity).


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Well done so far!

@ndebruyn Is that the same physics engine that was used for puzzledots?

General question for the thread: I understand that these games are not going to be fully polished, the way that a real, released game would be. Are bits of constructive feedback on play experience/issues off-topic, or would they be a good fit for the thread?

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Jip, that is the same one.
Also, I would love to receive some proper feedback for the games I write.

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Hey guys.
Okay I have been busy today with the Snakes game.
I made use of a lot of my Asteroids game code but basically re did art and controls.
I also did not include a online leader board functionality.
Here is the Link: Snakes.zip - Google Drive

O yeah, took me about 5 hours.


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