Weird problem with textures

Hi all, I have picked JME and JME Physics rather recently - so you probably be seeing a lot of me for the while being :smiley: (though I have some experience with Physics engines and OpenGL)

So I have been trying to make a TriMesh Box and apply a texture to it, but I have faced this weird problem :

What am I supposed to do ?

Either a driver issue, or I guess it could be zfighting if the box is flattened into a quad?  What does your code look like?

Yes, it indeed was Z-fighting :smiley:

After reducing the height of the box, the problem started to occur at much further distances from the box (the box is 100x100 and the original height was .1). I think I am going to change that into a box soon.

Thanks for the help  :smiley: