We're doing another jME3 game contest! (need suggestions)


As I was pondering the possible advent of another jME3 game contest today, the ball just kept rolling and I’ve decided I might as well get it started.

I’ve already decided on a very simple premise, which I’m hoping will become a monthly event. Here’s how it will go down:

Step 1: We dig through Blendswap’s low-poly and real-time categories together and share our findings.

Step 2: The contest organiser (which for this month will be me) decides which asset(s) to use.

Step 3: Here’s what an example contest format would look like:

Make a game for this scene.

  • You may use or make other assets, but;
  • You may NOT extend the confines of the game level.
  • You may use the jME vehicle creator.
  • You may use any existing open source code.
  • It can be any kind of game
  • The game must be completely open source and freely available through a code repository like GitHub.
  • You have one week.

Game entries will be judged on:

  • Innovative use of the scene (maybe you turn it into some kind of lemmings game? that said, there’s plenty of room for innovation in racing games as well. Also, a racing game that handles exceptionally well would be in good standing, because that stuff is hard to do well!)
  • Appropriate use of the scene (e.g. if you just put a shooter on top of it that would play practically the same way on a flat surface, you have not taken advantage of the scene at your disposal.)
  • Completeness of the game - Keep it simple!

A single scene or a certain collection of assets will be the recurring theme for every contest. The idea is to train ourselves in making games of small scope and with limited art assets. Other themes can be added on top. For instance, I definitely want to do a “Make this scene beautiful” contest as well, which requires using shader nodes.

Step 4: Pick a winner. Possibly by judges panel, or just the contest host, we’ll see. I’ll also try round up some prizes.

For now, I wanna get started on Step 1 asap. Would also love to see ideas and leads on possible prizes. Like premium models, hosting etc.


Here are my scene suggestions thus far:


What I think we’ll do is we’ll boil it down to maybe 3 top-choice scenes, and then we’ll have to vet them, i.e. make sure they can be loaded into jME3 without issues.

Yeah, I’m in.

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I’m currently busy on my own project and I don’t want to stray from it. However, if you opt for judging, I can help review games :slight_smile: Good luck to all the entrants! :slight_smile:

Woah, I must say this is an awesome idea!!

And as for models (just a quick scan on the lowpoly section) (I know not all of them are scenes but maybe have them as the subject of a game):







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nice collection @nomnom, thanks for chipping in! Also fans, lol.

p.s. a simple tip for finding good assets: Go into the profiles of the ones you really like and see if they’ve made other similar stuff.

Like mister PigArt and his super-low-poly assets:


I’ve been asking around a bit and managed to secure two nice additions to our prize pool. The winner of the contest will get:

Maybe more on the way :wink:


Nice idea,

Just to make sure i got the rules,

There is a fixed scene and everyone has to use that scene to make a game.
Some assets will be provided, while you are still allowed to create/use other.

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That’s exactly how it is @zzuegg

This sounds like very nice idea =D . I would love to participate as well. Any thoughts on when it shall start? 8)

K Out!

I was thinking next week already. I’m eager to put this concept to the test.

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Yes, why not. I would love to do some contest again soon!

Can we leverage JME community plugins?

@t0neg0d said: Can we leverage JME community plugins?

Put my vote firmly in the camp of: “Yes, of course.”

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@t0neg0d said: Can we leverage JME community plugins?
yep! You can use anything you'd like as long your game is played within the confines of the chosen level.

Hey, you guys are really getting me excited now!!!
I am burning to start with this.
I love to see what everyone else could come up with.
That is one of the big reasons I entered the Ludum Dare 29 Compo

This is going to be so much FUN…


I think I’ll be able to do this as well.

Hopefully, no major issues with the library (mine not JME) will come up and I can focus on this for the week we have. Sounds like way to much fun to miss out on.

I’m excited for this and I think I might actually try it this time around; I get a bit lost with large projects, but maybe a smaller one like this will do me good! Can’t wait!

Contest will start on the 19th of May and run for a week. Will post more details in a blog post coming shortly.

I also secured another freebie for the prize pool with the CG Cookie guys who agreed to throw in a free 1 month premium membership, i.e. full access to all of their tutorial videos. :slight_smile:

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Can we give bonus points for game names generated with this?