What are .mesh.xml files made with?


What format are .mesh.xml files created in? Since from the tutorial series it seems to look like it is possible for it to create towns and things like that, it seems like it is from some sort of map creator/editor, but if so I can’t find which one.

Basically I’m looking for a map editor where I can import objects, move them around, and load them in JME. So if mesh.xml files don’t do this then my question is “What is a terrain editor that I can use for JME?”.


Ogre3d… so anything that exports to that.

You mean like the one in the SDK?

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You mean like the one in the SDK?
Hmm, not really. The SDK editor is hard to use in terms of placing thousands of small objects (e.g. blades of grass) and it would be extremely tedious to make large-scale maps, and does not allow easy generation of things like trees, foliage, etc.

Right, so I need something that exports in ogre format. Thanks!

Edit: Can’t find anything though.

Use the ogre exporter for blender. https://bitbucket.org/iboshkov/blender2ogre
Or if you feel adventurous and you don’t fear working with software that is unstable/under development, you can search the forum for xbuf format, it gives you much more possibilities than ogre.