What do you do?

I was just curious to find out the backgrounds of some of you serious monkeys - so, what do you do for a living?

I'm a … some kinda … I make scenarios for an ROV Simulator for a big Oil & Gas company in the UK [think: scripting levels/objects and making 3d models for a computer game … but the computer game is just flying a Remotely Operated Vehicle … maybe the most boring computer game ever made :P]

I am currently a freshman undergraduate at NYIT (New York Institute of Technology) for computer Engineer.

im a student at UNLV

Good question. Interesting for me as well.

I'm working as a programmer for a luxemburgish research company. Actually we write a big communication environment for "The Department for Child and Family Services". So actually not so much research :smiley: just java,swt,ejb3,mdsd and bpel.

And for about one year I'm using jMonkeyEngine although I knew it since 2005. The ludumdare-compos brought me back to gamedevelopment. But until now eveything I finished is crap( http://thomas.trocha.com/wp/?page_id=7 ). But it is getting less worst from time to time :smiley: At the moment I try to create a top-down spaceship shoot'em'up game…

Up until recently I was a student at the Vancouver Film School, Canada, undergoing their game design program. Because of sickness in the family I am taking a leave of absence from my studies to travel back home to Norway.

I reckon for about a year to come now I’ll be doing something more ‘ordinary’ and less time consuming. Plenty of time for me to get some serious work done again in the management sector together with Skye and others :slight_smile:

Student over at the University of Connecticut, last year as an undergrad I might add. Obviously graphics is an interest of mine, and I've had some chance with the university to do research with CUDA. Although that was last summer, but I have a big interest in doing stuff on GPU's. Unfortunately my latest project (academic wise) doesn't involve jmonkey, but the experience I've had with jmonkey has been very helpful :slight_smile:

i'm a programmer for an irish e-learning/software simulator company…

mainly work with flex and jse…

used to be involved a lot in game programming in the late 90s, worked as a programmer, localisation engineer and tools developer on starcraft, half life, star siege tribes, usm soccer manager plus a number of educational titles…

i miss it so much that i spend my free time using jme in a desperate attempt to recapture my youth :slight_smile:

I am an audio engineer working at a theatre in germany.

I have been programing in Java for quite a while now, more as a hobby, but it often helped me to solve some problems in my work with some "tailored" software for playing audio/video or control devices via MIDI etc.

My computer/gaming "career" started on the Amiga500 (mighty 7,09MHz!) and computers kept me interested since. Combined with my passion for music (I play guitar) that eventually led to my current profession :slight_smile: Now I work mostly with Apple Mac's since they're kind of a standard in professional audio computing…

I started with JME because me and a friend of mine wanted to have a game exactly how we imagined it and we began a hobbyist project to implement one (http://www.jmonkeyengine.com/forum/index.php?topic=12718.0) :slight_smile:

I'm a C-programmer, developing warehouse application in Switzerland for the past 7 years.

But i love Java and trying to create small games, which i never finish.

I'm currently the lead developer for a company in the UK doing boring j2ee/web app stuff (I HATE web development!!!) and spend most my time managing outsource companies these days :frowning:

Have been a developer for ever with roughly 8 years assembler (Z80, 6502, Amiga 68k YAY! and 8086-BOO!), 4 years C, 2 years C++ and 6 years java in that order with pretty much no overlap language wise, but a few gaps work wise :slight_smile:

I love to dabble, and like Core-Dump - never finish anything I start :slight_smile:

I started out as a Java programmer, around 9 years ago. But after coding Java for 8 years I found each project was more or less a rehash of things I did before. And what started out as a hobby became more and more just work. So I switch to application management.

My current skill set  (the interesting parts anyways ) includes Java (9years), Oracle (9 years) and loads of other stuff like java / oracle  architect, infrastructure architect etc.

After making the switch from java coder to application management, I found my groove back and now I'm coding for fun again.

My current project is JGF which I work on with JJMontes. We both don't have all that much free time though, so it's not coming along as fast as we would want.


I am currently a junior undergraduate in NJIT (New Jersey Institute of Technology).

I'm a senior at the Polytechnic Institute of NYU where I currently spend too much of my time finishing up a bunch of humanities electives  I much prefer my time spent working on Betaville (participatory urban planning project collaborating with a university in Germany and another in Sweden).

I also work for a company that helps large contractors acquire construction and transportation contracts from governmental agencies and private developers.


i studied computer science with conjunction of media design, programming Java for about 9 years. Working in a small company for print solutions on a webapplication.

I am observing JME since 2006.

And i share CoreDumps sentence:

i love Java and trying to create small games, which i never finish.