What does the h texture stand for?


I have been acquiring quite a lot of texture this pas month but there is one thing that is annoying me. What are those h texture? I know that

D is for Diffuse
N is for Normal
S is for specular
A is for alpha
G is for Glow

But what are those h suppose to do?! Here is some visual exemple :

Probably height.
You can use it as parallax map.

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Height was my guess too, but i could not make the link whit parallax! But when i use the parallax map it seem like some texture fell like large glass, any reason that could cause that?

Edit : nvm, i had some settings in the texture that cause such problem. How should I activate its effect properly? It seem like it does nothing right now

You can enable SteepParallax for a more noticeable result, and adjust ParallaxHeight if the effect is distorter or too light.
Remember that it is not a real displacement, it doesn’t produce real 3d data, so it won’t work from certain angles. I suggest to use it only for flat surfaces that aren’t too close to the camera (ie floors, walls…)

Also remember parallax, normal maps, etc. don’t do anything (and in fact may produce total garbage) if you don’t have tangents generated for the mesh.

Ya i kinda generate the tangents all the time now cause most of the models just show as black if i have a normal texture and have not yet done so. I’ll probably go and check the filters now to apply more details on the maps.

Except for the glow, does any part of the texture need a filter to be really show?