What is the purpose of this?

Just going through the beginners tutorial on Animations. Trying to figure out the use for this (Node) in this line of code:

player = (Node) assetManager.loadModel("Models/Oto/Oto.mesh.xml");

Any help explaining this or providing references for study material would be great, thanks.

Start here…


…then work your way up to typecasting.

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So the assetmanager.loadModel returns a Spatial instance, but in this case we are converting the Spatial to a Node. Spatials can either be in form of a com.jme3.scene.Node or a com.jme3.scene.Geometry. This provides a more in-depth overview of Geometry vs Node:

I’m not sure if he meant what it does, e.g. pspeed’s answer, or if he meant why cast it to a node (I was typing out a reply along the lines of yours).

I went with “not knowing about casting yet” just because he never used the word casting… which would be odd if you knew what typecasting was.

“Trying to figure out why cast to Node in this line of code:”

The phrasing was odd so I went with the “beginner seeking Java knowledge” assumption.

Fair reasoning! We can only wait with bated breath

I know the basic java concepts but sometimes it’s hard to remember it all when I don’t practice all the time. You are right, I guess this thread is myself seeking knowledge on what (Node) means, why is it there and what purpose does it serve. I am currently reading the link sent in by yourself so hopefully it explains it all to me.

By the way I am really thankful for the help you all give. It really makes life easier when I am trying to apply the basic concepts I learnt into something more practical.

I think I lost gg

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So is typecasting where a variable is turned into another type of variable, so in the above example

player = (Node) assetManager.loadModel("Models/Oto/Oto.mesh.xml");

(Node) is the object or type that I want to turn it into? So am I turning the spatial into a node?


Edit: which by the way will fail if the Spatial is not a Node.

But if the spatial is already a node then why would I want to turn it into a node?

…you should read more about casting. Java is not a dynamically typed language so you can only call things on the class you have.

Spatial model = assetManager.loadModel(…);

I can only treat it like a spatial. I cannot call node-specific methods on it even if it IS a node. If I want to treat it like a Node (call node-specific methods) then I need to cast it to a node.

Polymorphism, casting, etc… are kind of fundamental to object oriented languages. You should spend extra time reading and wrapping your head around these ideas.

I have read a good amount into Polymorphism. I just have never used casting up until now. Ill read more in-depth into it. I feel like that might be a good idea. I just found that reading all of the information without putting it into practical use slowed my learning process a lot. I need to actually do things with what I learn in order for it to make sense and sink in.

Thanks for your explanation of casting. At least now I know where to start !!

You caught me in a mood. Normally, I’d have just said “get gud noob!” heheh

Well thank you for been in a good mood !! Learning how to make interesting applications like games is something I’ve always wanted to do and people willing to help you is always great to see.

I think there should be a disclaimer that pops up in the sdk install process that states in flashing red letters … “WARNING!! DO NOT INSTALL THIS UNLESS YOU HAVE PASSED JAVA 101! DOING SO OTHERWISE WILL MELT YOUR BRAIN!”

EDIT: Or better yet force a java 101 small quiz that has to be passed before it lets you install

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Thats a little bit harsh. There are links above the logo. They are all probably fundamental reading, especially scenegraph. I find the best way to learn is through practical tutorials too. It doesnt stick if i dont have a use for it. Its a long road but determination is the key :slight_smile:


You assume that basic java 101 concepts of polymorphysm are already know … which this post clearly shows that some people don’t even know basic java concepts and they jump into java game development. Mind boggling really.

I think somewhere I have a quote that compares learning to program Java and learning game development to be similar to learning to ride a bike and learning to shave with a straight razor. Something you really don’t want to do at the same time.


I assume that you have the manners to talk to somebody trying to better themselves politely, nothing more.

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