What JDK are you on and what does the newer JDK's provide related to games in jME?


Back after a years hiatus, and there’s so many new jdks since I left. What JDK are you developing your game on and are there features in the newer JDKs that can benefit games in JME?

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Since I use Visual Studio Code, I use MS backed Azule JDK Java Download | Java 8, Java 11, Java 13 - Linux, Windows & macOS

Why this one - what’s in it for you ?

Its Microsoft backed, so its likely not going anywhere. Also their JVM is supposed to be faster than the oracle hotspot. On top of being open source.

I am using JDK 14

Off the top of my head, the new Shenandoah and ZGC ultra-low pause time garbage collectors which can benefit JME games.

I thought these only supported Linux so far, but I just looked it up and now zgc supports windows as of jdk14. They’re still experimental though. Do you have any experience using either of these garbage collectors for games?

So does all the various “jdk” brands follow each other in versions ? like openjdk vs oracle jdk 14?

All that I’ve seen (a lot), follow, so yes.

im using adoptopenjdk (openJDK) 8 and 11 (depends where)

If a jdk is tested against the Java Technical Compatibility Kit (TCK) it is guaranteed to follow the standard.

Any particular reason why you chose this specific jdk ?

Dosen’t seem like many people here use the official Oracle JDK, am not surprised, OracleJDK/Hotspot is bullsh*t imo.
Edit: Well I guess @Ali_RS does?

I had been using ZGC for my game development, and recently have switched to Shenandoah. They both works fine for me.


Just because we were using AdoptOpenJDK since beginning and never had issues with it. So seems like well tested.
ans its “open” ofc. Since Oracle official JDK need pay for commercial use.

I have been using Oracle OpenJDK so far, but recently switched to AdoptOpenJDK since JDK 14, as Shenandoah is not available yet in Oracle OpenJDK.

Ah, ok.

how do I switch ? (gradle build here) - would like to try it out

This has nothing to do with gradle, if you use jME sdk, it is already preinstalled and you are using it right now. If you are using another IDE, simply uninstall the old one and install adoptOpenJDK

ah, yes - gonna try out the openjdk14, see how that goes :slight_smile: thanks

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So, dumb question: is openjdk and adoptopenjdk the same?