What kind of game are you developing?

I'm betting "Space Game" wins.  :stuck_out_tongue:

You should have thrown a few more choices in there, I'm really curious of what people are actually doing.

Looks like 'other' is the best bet so far :wink:

A few more choices would have made this an interesting survey.


  • FPS
  • sports
  • adventure / RPG

Yeah…after I posted this I realized it actually would have been a good poll had I taken it seriously.  However, the primary purpose was as a joke. :wink:

Also, to show just how many space games are currently being developed.  :stuck_out_tongue:

"What king of game" might get other results than you expect too :wink:

I think you need to re-read that…I don't know what you're talking about.  :stuck_out_tongue:

hehe  :stuck_out_tongue:

A space game where you get to shoot giant space frogs

The Librarian said:

A space game where you get to shoot giant space frogs

there are no such things like space frogs. frogs are known to be very limited creatures, and the evolutionary process doesn't allow to get higher than the tallest tree.
besides that, it wouldn't be a fun game. if you put frogs in space you don't have to shoot them anymore. the void does all the fun job  :x

Not if they're frozen before you jetison them. The blaster heat triggers the funny effect (and don't forget the sound, even if it's in deep space)

aaaah. now i get it. if you ever decide to make that game, let me know and i'll help you make sure the explosions look really impressive. as of the sound: this one will be quite tricky as we'll first have to capture/kidnap darkfrog first. that might enable us to also do some motion capture.  :evil:

this also makes me think of the inflated frog scene from shrek.  XD

Is there a jME port for the Wii? There's a market for a darkfrog compilation, a la Wario:

    [*:38351]blast the frog
    [*:38351]microwave the frog
    [*:38351]blend the frog

usually after i read darkfrog's posts i feel a need to play frogger…

And don’t forget Log the frog where you get to choose your logging engine and try it with the frog itself. SL4J included of course :slight_smile:

What about a troll the frog game?

I'm working on a learning game, e.g. for languages. It's quite flexible, so you could probably use it to learn Froggish (or "Frogese"?).

Can it translate the following sentence:

Oook ook ook eek ook eeek ook oook!

If the answer is yes, I'll buy it :slight_smile:

that's a strange dialect. afaik there's no "eeek" in ook :slight_smile:



maybe you could do a port of jme to ook. then it would be a real monkey engine  XD

Eeek! Not the M word!

The Librarian unscrews sfera's head and tosses it to darkfrog.

PS: there's "eeek" in Pratchett :stuck_out_tongue:

hey, if you hang to that m… allergy you'll have a really hard time on this board. besides that nobody called you like that :stuck_out_tongue:

I just scroll past the jME logo and name really fast…

And nobody called me that, true, since nobody's dead (yet).