What Should Happen

Hi all,

As you all know, im making my game. Now im faced with keeping the player within the terrain. What do you think I should do to stop him/her from going outside? should I put a little boundry thing? or just stop them, make them fail their mission?

Any ideas are greatly welcome

It would be nice to have some sort of shield effect around your playing field so players notice when they’re near a border.

Then when something collides with an invisible border, just make the thing turn 180 degrees and play a homer simpson sound.

my 2cts.

I think it’s completely dependant on the type of game.

  1. Realistic ground based: Make it so you can’t even get to the edges, place big boulders that block the way, a stone wall, or just the mountains around the edges are too sheer.

  2. Non-realistic arcade: You can have the ship warp to the other end, ala asteroids. Have a force field around the edges, a glowing sphere that vaporizes anything it touches. A voice comes on when you start getting too close to the edge that says you have 5 seconds to return to the fight before you are destroyed by the interplanetary AWOL vaporizing sattelite cannon of death.

    Just find something that fits with the atmosphere of your game.

I think Il go with the vaporising alien voice! :smiley: