What would be a pragmatic way of using Scala with JME3? JME SDK + Eclipse in parallel?

I’ve been programming Scala for over a year, using the Scala-IDE plugin for Eclipse. It’s been pretty bad until about 3 months ago, when it started getting reliable for the common tasks (I still have to perform a full-clean before every build). It seems that the Scala community agrees that the Scala-IDE plugin is currently the best (or at least the most popular) IDE to program in Scala.

So I interpret this as to say that Scala support in NetBeans is “limited”, but I presume that JME3 support in Eclipse is also “limited”, at least probably not as good as using the SDK. So I’m wondering what makes the most sense for me, since I’m used to, and therefore prefers Eclipse.

Could I create a project with the SDK, and an Eclipse project in the same folder, pointing them both to the same source and target directory? If I did so, would the SDK see and use my compiled Scala classes? Or would they be wiped out when it notices after a refresh that some source files changed?

I’d like to know how other people using Scala are doing it.

I suggest having a separate Scala and Application project and then just include one into the other (I suggest importing the Scala “kernel” into a normal jme3 application and starting it from there, this way you still get all the deployment benefits).

There is a plugin for Scala on NetBeans as well though which should work in the SDK too:


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