What you talk, where you from? Little stats

After reading a few posts saying: “Am sorry, my English is bad” I kinda start wondering something. What do you people speak? x) This is the beauty of the internet, we have people from around the world, speaking all kinds of language, and I want to know!

Why? Maybe cause this is Friday and am both sleepy and happy, but still :smile:

Personally am from Québec, Canada, living in France and speaking french and English :stuck_out_tongue:

So, where you from? x) I know the forum can’t take the stats, but this should still be a fun exercise.

Edit : So far, by the count of @Cervantez here are the stats!
8 Germany
6 France
5 US
3 Italy
3 Canada
1 Poland
1 Finland
1 England
1 Sweden
1 Portugal
1 South Africa
1 Belgium
1 Indonesia
1 Austria
1 Lithuania

German, a bit of italian, and some english. From a little town in south tyrol.

American, Virginia in the USA… near Washington D.C. on the east coast (For those of you unfamiliar with north american geography).

As far as other languages, the amount of french I can read is only good relative to the embarrassingly little I can speak for having taken three years of it in school like 20+ years ago. :slight_smile:

Lithuanian, technical english, very good russian(and can undrestand most slavic languages), basic german

Germany, south of Frankfurt.
Speaking German (obviously), English and some Portuguese

I tend to say I live on planet Earth, 3rd planet in the solar system, milky way. But to be more precise: I’m from Austria, Graz (ever heard of?)
Speaking German, English and a little bit of Croatian and Italian.

Indonesian, speaking japanese and some malayo-polynesian languages

French (well, i’m French), English, and i got the survival level in German (ie i managed to leave here for a few month, but i’m not fluent enough to hace a high level discussion). I’m trying to learn japanese.

Franco-English, born in Switzerland and living in Belgium (Brussels).
I speak French / English and somewhat Dutch. I R speak L33T 2 :smiley: .

South Africa and speaking English.

Up to this point i did not realize there are so many europeans here

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From Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Speaking English, French, and some broken Italian.

I am from Portugal. I’m only 15 years old but I already talk english very well xD

I live in northern germany and was raised bilingual (german + english).

Though my written english is much better than my spoken english (a little out of practice, active vocabulary is a little small)

France / Toulouse (south of France), speaking French and English.

I’m Swedish, but currently I live in the UK. I speak English and Swedish.

Arizona, USA, English, Spanish and broken Gaelic

I’m an hour south of Las Vegas Nevada

Heheh… well, note: it’s just now 8 AM on the east coast US. I’d expect the US presence to increase soon. Presuming we can roll off the couch and put down our bags of potato chips long enough… :wink:

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Montreal, Quebec, Canada. French English and some spanish

Colombian but I live in Chicago, USA. I talk English, Spanish and some Japanese.