What's the recommended approach for shadows now?

I’ve got a scene I’m building (using Unshaded materials for now) and was interested in adding some shadows, however when I looked at the tutorial here: https://jmonkeyengine.github.io/wiki/jme3/advanced/light_and_shadow.html

Most of the shadow options seem to be deprecated.

What should I be using now if I have a few simple objects that I want to cast shadows on each other and the floor?


Mhh Nope it’s not deprecated


Thanks @nehon

The documentation says:
BasicShadowRenderer (deprecated)
Parallel-Split Shadow Map (deprecated)

It doesn’t say what to use instead though.

It sounds like you’re saying that the stuff under Casting Shadows is the way to go now so I’ll try that this evening :slight_smile: It might be worth updating the documentation to make that clearer since right now it sort of disappears into the two around it which are marked as deprecated.

Yep, the deprecated way could be entirely removed from the doc though now.