When will there be a major update?

Yes, you can find any 3-wheels car on the market. for free.
Even with a guy, who will help you to resolve issues, for free.
You can also find many [video] tutorials with no extra text - just professional instructions, without comments and hints. (why should you bother about winter tires, who cares?)

You can find all of that - if you are going to look for it in correct place.
please read the section “Who is jMonkeyEngine for?” on the main page http://jmonkeyengine.org/ before asking about 3-wheels car here.

Actually for me it’s perfectly fine that beginners who can’t even code a hello world or read documentation to stay away. It’s better for our all mental health.

JME is a programmers engine but even then everyone reading the wiki or asking politely is capable of putting together a scene without a line of code.

Hint: Ogre is before we had the blender importer, which is probably actually a jme2 relict. No one knows Ogre nowadays and their exporter also isn’t maintained.

So yeah, for some reason I can’t get my C64 Games to run on my Xbox One, must be shit this Xbox


If you’re serious either you or an actual modeller will use blender and export to GTLF and it will all work. Sketchfab is a store that uses GTLF - it’s actually really good. It’s about as good as you can expect for an asset line other than doing it yourself - which you will have to do at some point anyway.

Lol why do you discuss with him, theres only two possible options here:

a) He’s a troll and knows damn know what nonsense he’s spewing
b) He will never in his life get it


Just a friendly tip. In my experience the non-retarded search tools have proven better than the retarded ones…


I know I already brought this to your attention here, but rotating cubes are outdated by a year at least. We’re all on to state-of-the-art rotating spheres, thank you very much.


Then i guess this must be what your eyes see when you look at an image or video in the WIP thread.


Confidential video of @djarend111 trying to use jme3:

This engine is probably older than you. :rofl:


I’m your ‘simple fucking programmer’, I’m new to this community and I don’t take things complex, but somethings that’s different is that I don’t complain, insult or anything in that area, I try to learn. Joining this forum shows that you want to get help or help others grow in this community, you insulting and complaining isn’t doing neither to help that. You have 2 options, you can leave and make everything go better, or maybe you can change!


Ironic that your gif unintentionally matches this statement.:chimpanzee_evil:



I agree with @normen and I think somebody can close or even trash this usless troll thread.

If you didn’t like the engine then go, one thing that I don’t understand is why did you stay here for 2 months, you probably like the engine and you want him to be better but this is not the way to do this. and next time before starting at learning something new (Engine, programming language…) try to see if it sets your needs, seriously, there is a bunch of games engine out there you could choose anyone but you choose JME, you need to ask yourself why did you choose JME?.
And one last thing you are older than me in this community so I don’t know exactly how you act but by reading most of your post it seems to me that you are someone who wants to make great things without sacrifice, if you stay like this you will spend your life searching for something that you will never find.

It’s a testament to JME that you can show 3D with very few lines of code. You say the above like it’s a bad thing!

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I think it’s time to close this thread.
Fare thee well.