When will there be a major update?

I think a mistake has been made to launch the jmonkey engine. It’s just way too early…
I mean after 6 years of developing the engine, I can’t even play back a simple animation using the pre-packaged Blender and the recommended blender2ogre plugin.
The whole thing is only like 1000 MB to download…

If you’re lucky all you get is a ninja to go with the engine and even thats all screwed up, cause the Blender file for the ninja isn’t available so I can’t even fix that myself even if I had any modelling skills.

Thankfully im just a simple fucking programmer, cause I was about to jump from the roof and slid my throat halfway down after hitting so many issues with your Animation examples, Shaders, PointLights, LightScatter classes and .scene importing. Even simple .obj files seem to be a tough thing to digest for the jmonkey product. Let alone playing back new animations doesn’t even work at all.

Thats, If you manage to get the packaged toy ninja to not burry itself into the ground with a ChaseCamera every time the model pivots…

too buggy at least
way too early for launch

I didn’t try the examples for the ninja when I was new to Jmonkey about a year ago, but I did have some success using and learning from the animations with this model

I also spent quite a long period of time lurking the forums and reading all of the beginner (and a few of the key advanced tutorials), over and over, prior to trying to work with any examples or even downloading the engine. Then by the time I finally downloaded the engine and started working with examples I didn’t feel quite as lost or frustrated when I ran into difficulties. Maybe you could benefit from taking things slower.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, so I’d have to say I disagree overall. Seeing as everything with JME has been done for free by some very generous and intelligent individuals, I’m beyond impressed by the state the engine is currently at as well as the quality of the work it’s capable of.

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Cool. We don’t need people who only gripe and don’t contribute.

You should go use the other Java game engine so the folks making cool games here can more easily ignore your noise.

…or you know, ask questions about better ways, learn to contribute, etc…

Else, I’ll be the first to give you a full refund.


I wonder how people are doing their games with jme then…
I understand it’s hard to fail, but maybe try to take a step back and read a bit more of the documentation and the forum.
Now if the product doesn’t suit your needs, you’re free to move along.
It takes some effort to learn, and I’m afraid you’ll hit similar snags with any engine if you are not comitted to it.

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There is no “front end” team to provide the flair you seek, however the engine itself is very capable. You do need to be very much a programmer, though. I say that in the sense of your position in the team.

I agree that it doesn’t come with volumetric clouds and all the fancy stuff out of the box, but it is completely capable of doing so.

The great thing about this forum is that you can openly discuss an implementation and get real help from mathematicians that understand the engine and will share their knowledge so you can achieve and understand what it is you are putting in your game.

That’s not how open source works, that’s not how any of this works!


All the tutorials are cut and paste workable. Anything beyond that will require at least a moderate understanding of java and the 3d tools required to maKe ANY 3d game.

It looks like from your profile that you may be more interested in something like this,

Jme requires java and 3d tools knowledge where just one tool may take you hundreds of hours learn. If you don’t have the time or desire to learn you will become frustrated.

Your only other real choice for an 3d engine is Unity, which is more of a platform geared towards getting money out of the pocket of those with less knowledge of 3d gaming than the community that supports it. It also will require you to learn every tool jme does as well as a completely different programming language, assuming you don’t have the money or desire to overcome your own personal gaps in knowledge.

Maybe you should consider this also, a post like yours on any other forum would drag you into a flame war very quickly. Take note that here, people have genuinely tried to help you rather than insult you.


One thing which came to my mind though: Maybe it’s worth giving xbuf more attention in the tutorials (maybe even have variant A Ogre Variant B XBuf), because I know many people still using Ogre but also regularly having a few problems, where xbuf never failed for me so far.

Actually even the blender importer might be somewhat more reliable/easier than ogre.
But reading through the post I don’t know if such a hint would’ve been overlooked, chances are yes.

Sorry, but the jMonkeyEngine is not that hard to learn and doesn’t require hundreds of hours to dive into it. The tutorials help you a lot and you have a great community as well which helps if you come across problems.

But anyway, you are right, a basic understanding of Java and 3D is required to be “productive” with the engine.


Doesn’t appear to be the same thing?

If you have no 3d gaming experience, it’s easy to conflate learning the engine with the tools and 3d concepts required to actually make a game. Which is what seems to be happening here.

Djared has allegedly been a demanding little prick since he arrived here so guess thats the proper way to go out.


I stand corrected, it appears the gauntlet has been thrown down.

Sorry, I did misread your post.


Mmm… could be sour grapes because I deleted one of his replies a few weeks ago.

He randomly posted to a thread that “everyone should die slowly” just because that particular thread was of no use to him. (Edit: and note that the thread was from 2011, lol)

I looked up “sense of entitlement” online and his posts were all there. :wink:


Don’t listen to him, I’ll give you twice as much!


Hey, thats rude I thought I was the only monkey here normen

jmonkey claims to have 3d game capabilities,
how is that? with only one stupid model and no way to put new characters in the game…
It’s definetly a great tool for data visualization though.

What do I do now, wait another 6 years for you guys to come up with something more decent than the retarded oto.mesh file?

It’s a bit embarassing, you seem to mistake engine and assets.
It’s like complaining in mug shop because the mug you bought came without coffee.

If you want assets… Make them, download them or buy them.


If I needed a car with 3 wheels I would search on some retarded search tool for one,
And I might actually find what I need.

If I wanted some capable of 3d gaming it wouldnt make sense to become a core developer on Jmonkey and contribute to some half decent stuff, cause all I wanted is to create something cool and move on.

The tutorials provided contain more lines of commented copyright notices than actual code,
Gripe? what do you mean man? How would I contribute to your stuff anyway if the whole thing doesn’t do anything beyond 3d visualization without working animations…

Even a beginner would drop the whole product because its unnecessarily flawed.
I’ll just wait 6 more years for you guys to have me download another 617 MB of useless tools

In the mean time try not to gather all your dissatisfied early adopters in one place…

Yeah you need a decent java knowledge, and a bit more experience than a 12 years old. But you’re right, maybe in 6 years, when your pubic hair have grown, you’ll be able to be a core member and I’ll be glad to review your code.
For now I suggest that you skip doing “Something cool” and go straigh to the next phase… Move on.


Ah Im flattered fellow monkeys, let me know when you’re done throwing error messages at each others monkey-heads.mesh.xml files. Maybe you’ll have something decent working by then, something even a simple fucking programmer like me could use out of the box.

Something more then a rotating cube that is…