Where did the feature tour go?

Slightly off topic, but why don’t resurrect this page?


I guess that’s is being reworked for 3.1, but in the mean time… I think we’re losing something.

Good point. I didn’t prioritise it during the initial site transfer, and it’s just been floating in the back of my head ever since. If you don’t see it back within a day or two feel free to poke me again.

I’ve made a cool shader. Have a look!

if (gl_time_passed_days)


^^ Nice lets see if it works.

Haha, I think I might be helping out with this one, for the 3.1 transition…

I’m trying out that video editing software… er Lightworks, and I’m starting to get adapted to it. It might be useful for the feature tour. We could ask edit: I meant @david_bernard_31, with his skill in Blender, for some additional suggestions for the 3.1.

Lol, hey David, think we could cobble up some cool stuff for Erlend?

I noticed that @nehon is currently zipping through the various tests for the features over at Github. I don’t think that I’ll have Darkmonkey ready before he is ready to release 3.1… meh, at least it will be available soon.

so @erlend_sh, were you able to find the “old stuff” to feature until the “new stuff” is ready?

Hi, I’m starting a new job this week, so I’ll not have time for lot of stuff. I prefer to keep my spare time (part of the WE) for xbuf, and deferred shading. since monday I only quick overview the forum. I hope to have time tonight to read all my pending messages.


Yep, putting a new page together now. Props/f.u.-very-much to @Pesegato

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?Syntax error

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Mmmh… maybe my shader needs some adjustment. Let’s try with this:


:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Dear lord… WordPress just completely crushed my motivation to finish this page :frowning: The saddest part is you’re still gonna have to look far and wide for a reasonably modular, well supported CMS with a good selection of affordable themes.

Aw well, rants aside, I finished migrating the essentials today. It’s not gonna win any prizes for best feature tour, but maybe in 6 months time I’ll have the energy to poke around again :stuck_out_tongue:



Looks great Erlend. I appreciate it :smile:

Looks fine to me as well, its probably better than you percive it yourself :smile:

That’s nice Erlend.

Awesome! :smile:

Very nice.

Beside I think a JME timeline (from the very beginning to now) is missing.

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Please note that “Oculus Rift” is the correct name of the device.

From the introduction:

most noteworthy being the Occulus Rift.

Emphasys mine.

Thanks. Fixed.