Which 3D animation format JME supports?

I tried several pre-animated 3D models download from the web, the animation runs fine inside 3Ds max, but when exported to either (.3Ds) or (.dae) and loaded into JME, all animation doesn't work.

I wonder is there any settings / particular version of (.3Ds) or (.dae) files in order to have animation working fine?

I tested the my 3D models using:





The 3ds format doesn't support animation at all, if I remember correctly. The importer for jME certainly doesn't support animation in 3ds.

The DAE format does support animation, but the COLLADA importer for jME doesn't implement correct COLLADA parsing, so it doesn't understand the animation exported from 3ds Max.

So far, I haven't been able to get animation from Max to jME at all, although I'm told the MD5 file format works.

Is that means JME have very weak support on 3D model animation?

here is what I tried:


both collada files (static.dae + animation.dae)



choose "export selected" in 3Ds Max


export animation information to (.dae)


export 3D model (static one ) to (.dae)


when loading the 2 (.dae) files, model is not moving at all


model in 3Ds max


I have not found an art path that can export animated characters from 3ds Max to jME, so I would agree that the support is weak. Perhaps if you could import the COLLADA into Milkshape, and then export from there?

You mean JME has the best support for Milkshape when it comes to animation?

I also heard Collada format is not fully support and alot of bugs in JME.

Well, as you can read in a past post, I had some success (and some failures too) using a blender generated model, exported from blender to md5 and then loading it in jME with Ender's md5reader2 downloaded from cvs. I am still doing a lot of tests, as soon as I get some consistent result I intend to publish what I can in order to help people to walk the same trail. The harder for me is that I can't operate blender (only a little bit) so I have a friend doing the modeling, and as he has been busy at the moment, corrections takes a long time to be made. But I think it will work soon.