Which jvm language do you use?

  • Java
  • Kotlin
  • Scala
  • Multiple in the same project

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Java and Groovy… but since Groovy wasn’t an option, I just picked Java since groovy seemed out of context.

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I didn’t count Groovy as a 2nd language because I use it only to write build scripts.

I could have included groovy, but since most everyone does technically use it in their Gradle build, people might get confused and say they use both. That goes around the intention of the poll. Thanks for commenting to clarify what you use though.

Yeah, I understand.

To further clarify, if Mythruna is ever finished, I expect it to be at least 50% groovy. Java for the base systems and groovy tying the AI, object behaviors, dialogs, etc. together.


Java for all game source code
Groovy for gradle build script

Groovy is a great language, if I knew it a little better I might use it for some source code

Java and Groovy here. I use “real” Groovy (not Gradle) for AI and level design.

Edit: Changed my vote to multiple because I think it covers the duo Java/Groovy.


In my current project I use scala for the core and groovy for scripting and dsl

Where are all the Kotlin fans?

I’d think there’d be more of them

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I use three languages on MyWorld: Java, Groovy, and our own in-house Chipmunk language (GitHub - MyWorldLLC/Chipmunk: Dynamic scripting language for the JVM 🐿️).

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I am here :joy:, i use kotlin besides java in small context not all conditions mostly in android & JavaFX , contexts like settings activity or Fragments if exist , but didnot try with JmonkeyEngine codes yet !