Why it was down?

hey guys why it was down???

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For obvious reasons only a select few have the keys to the servers. Unfortunately they all went out of town at the same time. Sucks, but that’s life.


all right

Russian hackers


WannaCry hits again

In soviet russia computers hack you.


Why would they touch such free of anything but valuable knowledge resource)

Actually it was looking quite contrary: this resource repeatedly reported everything up, so it took some time before somebody posted question on stackoverflow, it was quickly deleted as irrelevant, but google had time to catch and index it, and so I could knew from its cache, that it was not just me. But before that happened, I had a chance to teach my mobile going to the Internet through Netherlands, and PC through Austria to eliminate any local restrictions as possible reason lol.

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I doubt it was anything specific, they just probably took Digital Ocean offline and the site went along with it.

Well the site was not formally offline, the forum was just returning an error.

Yeah, certainly, I just had to make sure it’s not local to the country issue. Since I’ve seen number of such freaky things from ISPs (and especially federal regulators) that now I wouldn’t be surprised of anything actually.

Question: Is the website stable now (long term)?

I agree with you …
today we are in a cold war ، the USSR tries to stop the globalization and capitalism by hacking the jme forum :joy:


Your authorities are deceiving you, the USSR has long ceased to exist :scream:

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no that is not true…

Has ceased to exist yet in december 26, 1991

so you want to say that the communism has fallen too?
no its not true your Your authorities are deceiving you!
we have north korea that threaten the free world every day…
we have RPC that they are communist too that is not Dangerous but it can
in south america some country are communist too , they all are against the globalization and new world order…
this is the USSR all around you , dont you see that?

Globalization and the world new order …, one question who told you that it’s good?
Who told you that your opinion is higher, them?

We know what the issue was. It wasn’t country specific. We have plans in place to try to stop it happening again - and if it does - to react quicker. We were as annoyed as you guys!


just for fun not serious …
I dont say that my opinion is higher or lower I just say you about the right to think and Freedom of expression in our system

They are hidden below the arctic ice with hitler, ufos and dinosaurs. They are using global warming to break free from ice and take over the world. Attacking jme forum is the first step in doing that.

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