Why it was down?

I have an image on this place.

And now?

Wait, weren’t you advocating for only site upload images a while ago? Something related to stuff not showing up…but I guess discourse updates solved that eventually.


Didn’t even know we could upload lol, never used it. So easy to just use imgur or the alternatives, wouldn’t be bothered by not having upload tbh.

Do we know if the onebox-er handles Google Drive links?

use http://imgur.com guys…
you can directly paste an image from the clipboard (like ctrl+v on the main page) and it will give you a link that you can paste in here directly, and it will be embed.


it’s banned in our country …


Even via FriGate / Opera’s VPN?

we always pass the Censorship via vpn but it is so slow!

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Well, I mentioned not arbitrary VPN, but exactly that in Opera browser… dunno about your country, but to me speed looks decent, approx. 30/15Mbps up/down direction. And ping of 61 ms…

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arf… I’m sorry
What country is it?

It looks like the USSR :joy:

Well with all due respect it’s hardly funny.


I use Firefox Proxy Switcher and it works pretty well without any very noticeable delays.

the problem with storing images on other sites is that we will depend on them to have fully understandable threads, to auto convert to a highly compressed format would be much better

in the other hand, I am quite sure, the text only part of this forum is quite small compared to all uploaded media, and there could have more text only backups (what contraditcs what I just said above :))

Personally i use ovh object storage with a small bash script, it has every feature you might want, from expiring urls to custom mimetypes and you have full control of your files for few ¢ per gb.

Imgur is banned in your country? Like half the internet relies on it for its images. What’s even left?!?

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We also depend on github, etc… I suspect imgur will be around at least as long as github.

It’s likely that imgur will outlive JME.

I think Imgur may delete stuff that isn’t viewed for some amount of time. Digital Ocean’s rates are $1.00 for 10GB of space (vs. 5GB of current uploads?) Simple solution that doesn’t break anything for anyone. If cost is becoming an issue, I’ll kick off the donation campaign.

6 months I think on imgur. What sort of costs per month would we be talking here, ballpark figure?