Wiki cleanup delete russian empty translation

I am trying to cleanup the wiki before I finish the TODO part about helping out.

I need to delete the Russian translation part.документация

It is full of empty documents with nothing but a single heading in each. The Russian name interferes with the gradle build causing a fatal error. Once this directory full of nothings is removed the build works fine.

Any objections?

If not can someone with wiki repository privileges go ahead and do a clone or pull request so we can have a backup in case this delete goes wrong. I don’t think it will but this is a rather large delete, not in size but the number of folders.

Let me know if you cloned.

Thank you.

This is the first time I am trying to use netbeans for wiki changes and is why I asked for someone with repository privlages to clone or pull in case things go wrong.

I have a question, the Add command added the .gitignore and to the commit.

When looking at .gitignore, this is the only change but it doesn’t look like there is any target like this in the repository file,

This is the .gitignore file on repository,

and my .gitignore added this line at the bottom after *.off,

The other change is to
where it just changed the date line so I don’t see that as a problem.
#Sat Sep 02 23:04:59 MST 2017

I don’t think either is a problem but wanted to make sure before I do this.

It seems to be the Netbeans gradle plugin which is doing its things here.

You will be better off with something like sourcetree, smartgit or even tortoisesvn i think

Those three are windows/mac-only, if you aren’t using any of them it may not be good a solution. I suggest you to try GitKraken too.

Edit: I don’t know how I did my research. smartgit is also available on linux.

I offer to use smartgit for non-comercial projects :wink: it’s java based on SWT great git/svn client :slight_smile:

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Thanks for suggestions. I found a great solution,
Atom Editor

I added a wiki page for it,

I now have a pull request to add changes to the Chinese wiki. I want to delete this also and have the person create their own wiki that I can link to based off the discussions in this thread,

Basically the conclusion is no official Wiki translations so linking to other persons efforts seems the best route.