WIP : Mayan Boy - Contest Entry


Genre : Adventure - Platform - Puzzles Game

For kids and adults …

Single mode only! ( can be improve to support max three players)

Free for all , source code and assets will be released as BSD license!

To start

So I back to the forum after 2 months and see a lot of improvement in the engine, SDK in Beta and especially this contest which have a lot of game maker joined!

It’s fun to see all the great things you guys are doing… So I decided to give some of my extra efforts ( in the on-going Moon puzzle game) to participate.

My thought

  • I'm not so good in coding!

  • If I don't misunderstand, the contets participated game must not have toomuch violences and bloods, which my Moon game (horror genre) will be disqualified!

  • I don't have time , and even if I had, the time limit (till 31st December) is too little to finish the game!

  • I'm still mainly an asset artist :p ... I prefer to draw than coding !

For above reasons I think I can't make the game finish on time
but well...., after all, I just want to make a small game to participate this cool contest (lol)

OK, So here we are ...

The story ( Long as usual ! :p )
2012 comes with rumours about the Armagenddon, The End of the world and The Mayan Destroy Cicrle...etc

In a big city, there is a boy name Mayan !

He went to school and other kids made him angry because they teased him for his weird name... He punched right in the biggest bull's face...

After that, he run home but found out his house disappeared with his parents. just like it lifted into the sky!

In the remain basement of his house, he found a box, contain two gloves and a metal book...

The book was written in a very strange language he couldn't understand... He put on those two gloves and the sun, the sky changed rapidly... Like he has the almighty power... Then the metal book open and shown up pictures of his mother past...

He is son of Princess of Mayan

His mother - the last princess of the Mayan Emperor who denided to run off the earth in the Big migration space ship to escape the Armagenddon 5000 years BC.

15 years ago , thought the world will soon face the disaster, she decide to give up her immortality to live like a real human and married a man.

Then Mayan Boy was born. His mother never told him the truth about his ancestors - The Mayan!

Game play
  • You play Mayan - the boy .

  • Run in the wood of old ruined Mayan palace in Peru to find the secret about his life and his missison in which he was chosen to be the saver of the new world!

  • Meet the Monkey the holy spirit of Mayan, who is hilarious and powerful , will protect Mayan in the long jouney...

  • Meet and play Diamond - The daughter of Gaia , who is very beautiful and hot ...(-temper) . She angry all the time and can cause death to every enemy...

  • Fight agaisnt three Bosses ( 3 devil spirit of Mayan , sealed in a big manegtic stone deep down in the earth, this stone will attract the meteorite attack the earth cause the armageddon, so we have to destroy it !

The game is

  • Fun 1: Run in very fast speed in the wood and through ruined accient Mayan site (palace, piramid) and fight demons, machines and bosses...

  • Fun 2: Slow speed to solve the puzzle of Mayan in scary dark in the wood

Technical Specifics

  • Engine : JME3

  • Physics : maximize the usage of bullet

  • Scripting : Groovy

  • Platform camera system and some special particle effect is the extra elements

You can see clearer ideas in this quick draft : :p ( the design part and the call for help is drawn)






P/s:If you find this game is fun , give me some advices please!
I really need helps ... if someone want to join me in this game, PM me or send me an email, I'm glad to hear from you. Especially, I want to coporate with a good physics and scripting coder, a good painter is also welcome ...:p

About the drawings, sorry if you find them childish, that's my "manga" style, I spend 5 hours to draw that (2d and 3d) ... ( :p)

Some more progress will come soon! (hate the time limit )

Oh, one more thing... My English is bad ,so help correct the grammar and spelling if you see one, list the mispell below please!!!!!

I love your concept arts

You are the best concept artist here :slight_smile: (I didn’t see another :P), good luck!

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I really laughed at the concept arts. Not because they are bad, but because they are so funny. :smiley:

I vote for your game even if its just a blue box displayed on a black ground… It has to be blue though. Dont come with a red one.


Nice art work + a ton of motivation! Are those characters and the story from your imagination or do they come from an existing anime universe?

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@glaucomardano : Thank you, you are so kind … :stuck_out_tongue:

@kuroSei : lol , I will definitely prepare a “one blue box” version of my game in case I didn’t finish it !

@survivor : Yes, the ideas come from my imagination and animes which I’ve watched and manga I’ve read … :stuck_out_tongue: BTW, i’m a comic artist too…

@all: Happy to see that you guys like the ideas and the concepts , I really need helps in coding so I will post my questions in the forum later … Thank again!

You really are a talented artist, those arts are awesome!

Few remarks though

@atomix said:
I (@atomix) reallly need (a lot of) helps. I'm not good at coding! But I can make good looking assets :p

95% of the time...it's the other way round : good coders that need artists, so I guess you'll eventually find a teammate ;) ...

I rofled at that
@atomix said:
Save the world and play with the monkey at the same time!
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@nehon: Haha, may be I will find one who interest and want to coporate soon, thanks…

Save the world and play with the monkey at the same time! <= isn’t this what we’ve done for years ? ;d

Good luck man! If you need any help regarding the rules, just ask.

yeah, good luck man!

I would wish to all indie developers join with a team of 3-7 members. One dev can make not so much, but a team can make cool project…

The best way is 2 artists, 2 programmers, 1 gamedesigner.

@mifth :

Thanks ,

in my game use your “shader blow” libs (some of the shader really unique :stuck_out_tongue: ) and I have some questions to ask you and will post here later … Hope you have time to answer those questions…

any time man!


Is that true :

6 . …This includes music, characters, graphics or any other thing that doesn’t belong to you.

Music , so we have to use free music , for all sound effects and background … ?

well, kind of difficult !

P/s: Do anyone know good free sound site in the internet, for game effect Sound and for Music?

http://www.freesound.org/ - one of the best.

@atomix, yes.

Also for free music check http://www.jamendo.com

very nice concept art, i like how much attention to detail you’re giving to your game, though its going to be difficult to implement all that until the end of the contest, i would like to help you with coding but i still have my own game to work on, though i could help with ideas or discussing mechanics if you’d like.

best of luck to you :slight_smile:

For musics, I’m using this one http://freemusicarchive.org/ for my Rhythm Game.

@mifth said:
yeah, good luck man!
I would wish to all indie developers join with a team of 3-7 members. One dev can make not so much, but a team can make cool project...
The best way is 2 artists, 2 programmers, 1 gamedesigner.

So true, usually you will only find the two programmers however ^^, Maybe one of them also know how to do gamedesign, . But trying to find artist ... Usually it's easier to buy models and adjust the gamedesign so you don't need models you cannot find :/

Back to the topic,
I really like your concept arts, they look really professional ;)

actually, this is not a good idea to buy models… If you want to have good design concepts and professional style game with FX, animations, cool models, so a good artist is vital.

Well depending on what you need you will find some game ready professional models (the costs are not that cheap then of course). I agree however, having a artist to fill the gaps in your modelcollection would be way better then working around them.