WIP:Pirate Hell – final version released – Bug reporting to me!

edit 27:12: final version is up


  • solved the bug that causes an error in the kill-counter (counted down to -1)
  • added water-trails to the ships
  • some balancing
  • added start-scripts (I don’t have macOS, but I remembered that the core is just Unix. So the .sh-file should work)

    If you find anything odd please tell me.

    “but why is there no .exe like in shipsWithCannons?”

    I’ve wrote a classpath-scanner to autowire all application-components together. Unfortunately I made a bad mistake in this scanner which kills the game if you start it from an exe-file. The error is hard to resolve and I have no more time to fix that. So sorry, no exe.

    edit 16.12.: The demo is up.

    Currently the game is only runnable from a shell or cmd with the command “java -jar pirateHell.jar”. Please make sure that you call this command from the jar-location. Otherwise the game will not be able to find some generated files.

    I’m working on a more comfortable way.

    Time was running out, so currently we have no sound and no animations.

    Have fun and if you find bugs or problems (I bet you do^^) please tell me.

    Here’s the link: http://shipswithcannons.net/downloads/pirateHell.zip

    original post:

    Hi guys,

    sorry for my long absence. I was working on a new project and then there was Skyrim.^^°

    But now, finally, I proudly present you:


    Welcome aboard, you landlubbers! Here you will find all what it needs to be famous and feared. Take command over a ship full of bloodthirsty and fearless pirates, sail out and conquer the sea!

    Hurry up, there are many dangers who wants your death. Take what you can and give nothing back, Jarrrr!

    Game Features:
  • fast action on the high sea
  • diablo-like gameplay with a ship full of cannons
  • gather experience and level up your ship
  • special abilities like concentrated fire
  • enemies have different attack-patterns. Some are careful. They will attack from far away and try to gain distance to you, others will try to bind you in close combat and fire heavy broadsides.
  • no automatic hits. If you fire a cannon the ball has to hit the enemy. So your aiming skills are required while avoiding the enemy ones.

    What is the current status of the game?

    I’ve planned three AI-Types: Close-Combat, Hit’n Run and Suicide. The first two are ready to use but need some bugfixing, the last is easy to implement and will be no problem.

    The basic controls are implemented, the ships can attack each other, so the game is basically playable.

    I also have a little video for you:


As you can see, I'm using some assets from shipsWithCannons. So here we have also a little progress.

Depending on the response of the alpha-version I'm going to make this one really big, including visual upgrades, music, enemy-groups in formation, boss-battles, scenarios/missions and so on. Also I have some interesting ideas for multiplayer/coop.



Arrrr!! I love ships :smiley:

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cool, reminds me of a fast paced Sid Meier’s: Pirates

Very exciting :slight_smile: Never thought Diablo gameplay can be applied to ships and seas

Also don’t forget to add epic explosions to those ships when they die, its more epic this way

I’d say “looks epic” but Kirill kind of already said that :roll:

Good luck! If you need any help with the rules, just ask

Puh, that really rocks!


Pirate Hell got a logo. :smiley:

I’ve finished the different ai-types. Currently they have some problems with aiming but otherwise I’m very happy with that, When the screen is full of cannon balls it gets really hard to dodge.


Also the ship-turning is now smoothed. Currently I'm working on the gamepad configuration screen (I figured out that different pads can have different axis- and button-indizes even if they have the same layout. Could be a driver issue.)

My roadmap is telling me the following:
- little campaign with 5 missions and a boss fight
- boss ship model
- sound
- a nifty NiftyGui
- new and improved effects
- keyboad/mouse-input if there's no gamepad

And if theres time I'll change the shipsWithCannons-Models to new ones and implement an experience-system.

So watch out for more. Holiday is near and theres much left to do.



sweet, looking slick as always :slight_smile:


The menu-layout is finished and will look like this:

And I’m now able to configure gamepads via the gui (Have I ever said that Nifty is just brilliant. It’s a little tricky to work with but damn. You can do nearly everything with it). I think the screen-controllers should be able to access the application with a getApplication-method or something like that. Currently I have to wire some stuff by hand and… but whatever It works. there are two or three other gui-components which I need. If these are created I’m going to raise the menu in one epic run hearing the skyrim-theme drinking coke or whatever will be nearby.

Damn, am I tired ^^°




If you make your screen controllers also app states then you will have the application passed to initialize. You just have to pass the screen controller into the load XML call and make sure the class names match (and attach them to state manager, of course)

BTW, menu looks great… I’m a little jealous. :slight_smile:

Wow, looks really professional. And the gameplay seems to be motivating. I could imagine a multiplayer mode would be funny, too. You definitely tamed the Nifty beast. :smiley:


@ceiphren said:

That picture is epic! Awesome :D.

Looking great, nice work!

Very nice!!

The menu looks fantastic.

Thanks guys. I really appreciate that. :slight_smile:

@survivor: Alestorm! I totally love these guys. I saw the band this automn at the hellraiser in Leipzig/Germany XD

Hi guys,

I’m currently fighting with the animation-stuff. If you ever got stuck in loading blender files with animations, this will help: http://hub.jmonkeyengine.org/groups/import-assets/forum/topic/blender-animation-no-workingº/

And if you hear a load shout from far far away, it was me, solving his personal jme nemesis-issue.^^

I DID IT! It took a f****ng eternity to figure out how this works. :smiley:

Aaah, sorry for that, but me and blender animation is a long long story full of depression and frustration and finally it comes to an end. After, don’t know, 4 months or so. I cannot tell how relieved I’m now.

And it’s remarkable simple.

If you have any central points to make, let it all out, maybe it helps somebody :wink: