WIP: Rhythm game - Contest Entry

Hi folks,

I’m gonna with doing a Rhythm game like this :


I really miss that game, I've played that a lot in my infancy :cry: . It's very addictive :P . I decided to do a game like that because it's not so hard to do, and I have to do a kinect game for my coursework. But don't worry, the game will support keyboard/mouse and joystick too as well ;) . Comments are appreciated ;)

Did sbook message you? Anyways, good luck! If you need any help with rules, just ask!

yes, thanks.

Lol! An onion dancing next to a lagging dog :stuck_out_tongue:

Will be interesting :smiley:

Tho I don’t have kinect :frowning:

@Addez said:
Tho I don't have kinect :(

No problem, it will support joystick and keyboard as well :D . I'm just looking for free musics like that, it's so hard to find :( .

Try this, maybe: http://www.freesound.org/

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yes, right now i’m trying that :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope it helps you :slight_smile:

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@glaucomardano For free sound, here is a collection,


(yeh, its me over there too. :stuck_out_tongue: )

Yay!!! Thank you very much :wink: . The paper-thin guys thank you :wink: .

@iamcreasy’s list looks great but I’ve got to add my own little plug for The Freesound Project. I was taking a college class on Audio Processing in 2006 and the final assignment was making a soundtrack using only found foley sounds. I’m guessing that the collection was a fraction of what it is new considering how new it was but the quality of the samples in everyone’s projects was superb and most came off Freesound.

I also just saw that they have an API now which makes me doubly interested ^^

Just trying to make the start menu to work :smiley: . The interface is the first thing I have to do :wink: .


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A little bit better now :wink:


Nice progress :slight_smile: Any plans on playing with the default Nifty theme?

I’m gonna do the options screen and the HUD, but…“theme”??? It’s possible to change the theme?

Whatcha u talkin bout wilis?


Nice menu :slight_smile:

But you should fill in the letters with… maybe white?

It would be much easier to read thatway :slight_smile:

It’s already white, are u blind xD ? Btw, yersterday was the first time I played with nifty :). Also, I didn’t know that is possible to change the nifty default theme…I’m searching on wiki anything related to this. Didn’t find :(.

I ment the title “Rythm Game” -.-

Nifty is quite simple but hard to learn as vital parts of information isn’t really taught.

If you want to make a button of a cool image. Just do this:

[xml]<control id=“backButton4” name=“button” label=“Soldier” align=“left”>

<interact onClick=“startGame()” />

<image id=“imageId” filename=“StartGame.png” height=“80%” width=“100%” align=“left” valign=“center” childLayout=“bottom”>



Create a control then inside place the image.

To make it execute a method, you ofc change the onClick to the method name of your method.

But then you must also define where the method is.

Your top should look something like this:

[xml]<?xml version=“1.0” encoding=“UTF-8”?>


<screen id=“start” controller=“start.MainClass”>[/xml]

Replace the controller value to the path to the file that implements ScreenController.

For each new remember to set the controller.

Hope this helps, I just figured out the controller part just now :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you very much, I already knew about screens and controllers, and that it’s possible to place an image inside a button, but I thought there was some way/method to change the nifty Look’n feel / Skin…whatelse…

I ment the title “Rythm Game”

Ah... sorry :D .

The button image didnt work :|. The image doesn’t show up.