WIP: STUFF – the game. Contest Entry

I know, amazing name, hopefully it’ll get a new name till the end of the contest :V

This is a project that I’ve planned on doing for some time but hadn’t started because I’m still learning the ropes of jmonkey but I’ll take this opportunity to get some additional motivation to get working on it full steam.

the basic idea is Viewtiful Joe meets Metal Slug, though a very simplified version to actually get something done in time for the contest.

it’s going to have 3D environments but move in 2D along a path (can MotionPaths be used for this? i haven’t messed with them yet).

Here’s some videos to get an idea



hopefully I’ll manage to make some different attacks and a power up or two in time for the contest (I’d like to get a boss in there too but it’s probably already too much :smiley: )

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Btw I loved the name, it’s original “STUFF” :smiley:

Hehe yeah, all the best with this project :slight_smile: About stuff: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MvgN5gCuLac :wink:

Watching that, it occurs to me that 90% of MMORPGs is all about “stuff”.

Good luck man! If you need any help regarding the rules, just ask.

i get the same reaction every time i show someone the name of the game :smiley:

I’ve started working on the “background” code for the game and have set a basic nifty interface, in a couple of days i should start working on something more visible and post some screenshots.

i would like to have my character walk in a specific path, like it was on rails but be allowed to jump and move in the air, what would be a good way to achieve that? I’ve read the MothionPath page but haven’t tested to see if it would allow the behavior i want

I’ve done some tests with motionpaths and seems that i can’t use them to control the character, i would probably have to write my own character control for it to make it work, so unless there’s another way I’ll have to change to either allow the char to move more freely, sort of like Streets of Rage (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRW1R-rwkjE) or limit it to a 1 char wide corridor, which would seem 2D but all levels would have to be straight lines. The problem with these two solutions is that they don’t allow me to make curved levels (paths) and thus i can’t to do the amazing camera tricks that you see in Viewtiful Joe (http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=S8OWsJG_VGk#t=130s, it’s hard to show, there are only low quality views in youtube), which i was looking forward to doing :frowning:

I wonder why you’re wanting to use motion paths for the character, once he’s gonna move left and right…if it’s gonna look like Viewtiful Joe of course. For the street of rage, the character moves left, right, up, down. Are you talking about the NPC’s?

My idea is to make the char walk left an right with the camera looking at him from the side, like if it was in 2D, but i don’t want to make the level a straight line, i would like the path the character takes to be more interesting, have it turn, go in spirals, etc. This is something Viewtiful Joe does (you can see an example in the last link of my previous post, look at the background) and is a very pleasing and interesting effect that i would like to reproduce. I though that if i could use MotionPaths or something similar, it would be relatively simple to implement, define a path for each level and have the characters move along it.

Hmmm, It’s loos like Klonoa :D. The camera is always towards the player, and the player is movemented by motion path+user interaction. I would like to play a jme game with the same style of game, good luck :)!

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how a week flies in the blink of an eye :roll:, anyways, I’ve been busy this last week with other stuff but i still managed to adapt MotionPath and MotionTrack to work the way i need :D, i still have to do some minor debugging on them but I’ll get on that tomorrow, after that I’ll make a basic level to give it a proper test drive and then post a couple of pics to liven up this thread.

a big thanks goes to glaucomardano, for giving me the last bit of motivation i needed to actually try to modify motionPaths for my game :smiley:

Very nice! I was very busy too, but I’m going to make a playable version of the Rhythm Game this weekend.

Btw, I believe that the modeling process of your game are going be very tiring.

I’ve made a very basic level just to see the character in action, something very quick and simple and here is the result

of course, that’s not how the game is going to look and that is just a place holder character i made a couple of weeks ago, but it looks much better than my previous testing grounds :D, I’m already learning some good lessons on level design with this.

i still have some bugs in my MotionTrack that could take a while to fix and have to work on the camera, also it seems that the character control doesn’t like going down slopes after a certain degree, treats them like it was falling and that makes jumping very hard.

back to work i go.

Hehe @nehon in action ;P.

lol :smiley:


Nice tee shirt.

I wanted a 404 tee shirt too but it remained not found (OMFG i’m hilarious!!!)


@Nehon: You do, man!

@alexmania : It’s fun that you have do something very similar with I’m doing right now…

I’m intend to make a “Viewtiful Joe” clone two …

Your motion path is really impressive … Did you make them by the SDK ( I meanthe motion points)?

@atomix: Really? its good to hear from another Viewtiful Joe fan :smiley: but i though you were working on the “Moon” game, that didn’t strike me much like a Viewtiful Joe clone.

in regards to my motion path, it is just the one that comes with jme but modified to move forward, backwards or not move, only affect the X and Z axis, work with characterControls and to detect if the character has moved physically to control the advance in the spline. i also moved the actual path computation to the motionTrack so i could have one motionPath per level and each character could compute its path independently. I do have to write the waypoints manually in a file and still have to write a function to help me calculate where to put the waypoint so that they all have the same distance between them.


the Moon game (horror and a little bit adult) is too much for an “all age suitable game” for the Beta contest… So I come up with another adventure platform game too …

for the motionPath , i’m strugging my self to employ our SDK to make that advance motion path but still WIP… :stuck_out_tongue:

@atomix: have you made a wip thread yet? i would like to see your progress :smiley:

i know the feeling, implementing my motionpath is the most complex thing that I’ve made in jme so far (and it seems so deceitfully simple -__- ), took me about a week to get it remotely functional and I’ve been debbuging it since, though today i got it to an acceptable working state.