WIP: Zombie Hunter - Contest Entry

I love the idea of mini-games where players require almost no training to get up and running, and I love zombies. So I thought I’d join in the fun by adding my own entry of a zombie hunting game.

This is, of course, a work-in-progress, but the basic idea is simply blast all zombies away with either your shotgun or machete:


The final version will have more props, landscape, and monsters, but the basic game play will remain the same -- classic FPS control with one button for attack.


hehe cool, the zombies are going to have AI?

Yeah, at least some simple AI – going to try and mimic “real” zombies, hehe.

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Weee… I like zombies :smiley: Looks quite gratifying already :wink:

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lol, so true, nothing feels better than blasting zombies into oblivion…

How come he only said “yeah” after shooting? I think I’d have a much higher sense of exhilaration after slicing the living dead in half :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks great, are you doing this in straight jME or Env3D?

@sbook said:
How come he only said "yeah" after shooting?

I think I hear an "Ooouhh" under the shot and the moaning zombie.. I think its "Oh Yeah".
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@sbook said:
How come he only said "yeah" after shooting? I think I'd have a much higher sense of exhilaration after slicing the living dead in half :p

Looks great, are you doing this in straight jME or Env3D?

It's in Env3D. This game's original intent is to be a running example for my student, but I had so much fun doing it I thought I'd create a somewhat complete game from it :D

And yes, it is an "Oh Yeah" after shooting with the shotgun. I'm going for a classic duke nukem kind of feel...

That reminds me… I played a zombie shooter about 10 years ago, where the zombies had words written across their chests… and instead of aiming and clicking to shoot, you have to type that word to shoot, and if you made a typo you missed… and weak zombis had easy words, and the tougher ones had very hard ones :smiley: Don’t know whether you want to go for that, I thought it was amusing.

@batkid, just remembered now. In your video, “Oh Yeah” is repeated too much. Try and adding alternate sounds or frequency as this will slightly harm the overall game rating.

This is the first zombie game I saw without bloods :D. Btw it’s following the rules ;).

I don’t want to be misinterpreted, but there can be blood. Just not too much ( for example: a head shoots off and a fountain of blood comes out).

@zathras, that’s a really cool idea! I like the idea of incorporating educational elements into a zombie game… I’ll see what I can come up with :slight_smile:

@memonick: totally agreed! I’ll definitely put more variety into the game.

@glaucomardano: zombies are already dead. Since the heart is not pumping… no blood :stuck_out_tongue:

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I am so inspired by @zathras’s comment, that I incorporated a math quiz into the zombie hunter game:


Basically, players now have to answer a simple math question for every run shot. The faster the question is answer, the easier it is to gun down the zombie. If you answer wrong, your bullet will have no effect.

Later on, I could add harder math questions and other monsters.

I have also reduced the frequency of "oh yeah" so that it only happens if you gun down 3 zombies in a roll, as per @memonick's suggestion.

Still no blood ;)
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Your students will probably hate you for this but I guess our judges will like it :wink:

Love it!

To make it really intense, you could have it ask one or more math questions while reloading your shotgun and the zombies will still approach you.

And for blood you could have numbers spill out of them instead :slight_smile:

When your son asks you for modern warfare 3, just give him this game XD Its very educational

Wahahaha, educational zombies, I like it :slight_smile:

Currently the character seems to be aiming with that feather on his hat, that’s a nice replacement for crosshairs actually! But could you rotate the gun arm and head of the model a bit, to look&point in the same direction?

@Sploreg, I am experimenting with making the zombie move while the math questions are being answered, it indeed makes the game more intense! Very cool. Thanks

@Momoko_Fan, I have 2 daughters actually… I was actually looking around for Math learning software over the summer holidays, the only open-source project that I found was TuxMath. It’s a good piece of software, but could use some better graphics. Maybe this can be the beginning of 3D math games? :stuck_out_tongue:

@zathras, thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, I have absolutely no skill when it comes to 3D modeling and animation. The hunter model comes from a previous student of mine and I honestly have no idea how to modify it :frowning:

Just a little game play update. As per @Sploreg’s suggestions, zombies now move while you aim at them, making the game more intense. You’ll also see that numbers now spills out of the zombies once they are dead :wink:

One major game play addition is “counter-attack” – by answering a series of math questions correctly while under attacked, the player can cut the zombie down instead of being hurt. The inspiration comes from Onimusha on the PS2 :slight_smile: