Wired Render bugs since Revision 7461

Hi, I have a question what exactly does the change in the Rendermanger do in Revision 6460 → 6461

Since then we have massive problems with our GUI-System.

The Gui is only orthogonal quads , nothing special.

When a Component is clicked it’s Z order is changed so, that it is in front of others.

Now since that revision when I click a component, it just disappears. Also the Mouse cursor is 100% invisible(it has the highest Z order we use).

What exactly does the change in the calculation of the orthoMatrix do?

Now that I think about it, 0 is indeed the proper value for the Z-scale

Sorry guys … :wink:

No problem, we got everything working again :wink:

This revision is a revert of a change i made, But Z scale was 0 before and now it’s 1.

I changed it in last SVN, could you please test again if it’s ok?