..with eclipse

So guys,

I know Eclipse is a fabulous IDE and all and I can confirm that myself, it works great for GWT development for me and I’m sure many users happily code jME3 games with it. Its just one type of jME users that bug me :wink:


…I just let off some steam while I was assessing an animation software for work (which I think I’ll keep :D).

Hugs to all eclipse users :slight_smile:




LOL +1

@normen How about “What not to do video?” :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol, I am waiting for beta just like all you monkeys out there :slight_smile: And I did music too :wink:


“There’s no assets folder in Eclipse” :smiley:

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sbook said:
"There's no assets folder in Eclipse" :D

There's no asset folder...there's no TerraiEditor......OpenGLWindow.........There's nothing xD.
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Haha, oh my god. And it hurts because it is so true :smiley: Do us all a favor and make it part of the frag&grop help :wink:

Make it part of the documentation. :stuck_out_tongue:

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