Wolkenstein FPS ready


finally my game is ready…

You can grab it here (53MB):


You need JRE 1.5!!!

Game should also work under JRE 1.6!

Please see the readme.txt for more details…

I suggest to restart the game after you have played it, to get different skyboxes,terrains,textures and weapon sounds etc :slight_smile:

BTW: Let the enemy fighter defeat you :wink:


The game should work under WinXP.

I had some texture and sound problems under linux…and perhaps the performance is a little bad on older machines…

I must admit that I didn’t focus much on performance, but I wanted to get the game ready :slight_smile:


Here are some screens:

@renanse pls delete the old thread thx

It looks good here :slight_smile:

I wish I could play it though (my machine is much too slow). Though strangly the FPS counter stays at >100 fps (in practise it's somewhat below 1 FPS).


The sound is really good, everything ran at 300+ FPS at the highest resolution of the laptop. Smooth. It looked really good with the trees and everything. very cool.

I'm not sure what you have planned for this, but keep it up.

thank you guys :slight_smile:

well the fps counter does not work right, because I use the FixedLogicrateSimpleGame class with 100 ticks per second :wink:

That would explain it. I'll get a new PC soon anyway.


I think the source code will be available in a couple of weeks

(when my university lecturer gives his ok … we had to develop a game… and I'm so glad that I found JME and was allowed to use it :slight_smile:

Great engine :slight_smile:

Very cool! Ran fluently on my laptop too.

The loading times were huge, so if you want to improve the game, one tip is to add a progress bar.

Wouldn't it be possible to fix the fps counter by moving it's code from update() to render()?

I played this game for a few minutes last week.  You've accomplished a lot and it looks pretty cool.  I do have a few comments if you'd like to hear them (if not, stop reading now so you're not offended). :wink:

  • The textures on the arms.  It makes me think he's wearing a dress. :o

  • The ships' flight pattern seems to be consistent and unchanging based on the player.  You can run and he'll still shoot at you, but he might be flying the opposite direction.

  • The ships' shooting pattern.  I know these are complicated things to deal with and I'm sure you've got plans to fix this in another release, but as long as you keep moving the ship will never hit you.  Kind of takes the air out of the game if all you have to do is keep moving and you'll stay alive.

  • Finally, the boundaries on the terrain you can walk to the edge and then there's an invisible wall.  You might consider having an actual wall or something that goes around the whole area to make it seem more realistic so it's not like you can get away, you're trapped.

    Anyway, my game will hopefully be coming out in the not-too-distant future and I would expect constructive criticism of it as well, so feel free to get revenge on me then. :wink:

    Other than that you've made some great progress and the skybox is very cool.


thank you for the comments and criticism darkfrog

Fly said:

btw I hope you like the sounds...I wanted big explosions and so I had to modify existing samples ...
and create new ones (one explosion sound is my cough modified with a distortion and a compressor)

Indie game design at it's best  :D

Hey guys,

I finally got time and packed the source code together…

If you are interested, you can get it here:


Well if you want, you can port the source to JME 0.9 or improve the game :slight_smile:

BTW: I know the source code isn’t very well but it was my first game and I wasn’t very

experienced with JAVA and OO programming. But you could redesign it as well :wink:

Now have fun with it !

Best Regards,


I’m -Very- interested in the source and game itself… unfortunatly I can’t seem to download them anywhere  :’(

fly hasn't been arround much after he released the game, hell he was not arround much before he released it postings wise that is, I have  a zip, If you know a trouble free uploader or I can send it by e-mail

Thanks! I'd recommend,


Fill out your own email and paste the download link here. That way others who might be interested, can download them as well for a while.

can't get that one to work always fail before uploading

http://www.ezshare.de/ maybe?

Hi guys,

yeah I'm quite busy atm and haven't done much with JME lately.

The Server where the game was, is down but I'm working on it.

So stay tuned.


ok it should be up again



Doesn’t run.  :’(

It shows the start screen, loads and disappears (without error). Tried different video modes, no success. I have java5 (1.5.0_06), and other jme things run fine. I use a second monitor with different resolution, could this cause problems? Or the German regional settings (I had this a lot)? Is there a debugging I could turn on?


yes some other users had the problem…

It seems that it is a sound problem…

Change the "javaw" in the start.bat to "java".

Then there should be an exception in the command line…

I'm sorry I can't help you more, cause I didn't do much with JME for a year now…