Would you use a SDK ppa for Ubuntu?

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Would you use such a ppa (please only answer if you use Ubuntu or it’s derivatives in any version)?

  • Yes (primary development environment)
  • Yes (on computer(s) occasionally used)
  • No

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I don’t see the point really… NetBeans already requires you to use their installer on all platforms, even on Mac and Linux where installers are uncommon. Since there’s no PPA for NetBeans I don’t see much point in having one for the SDK.

Well, it would be really easy to make and it would certainly be helpful (since automatic updates are a good thing). Also, I don’t see how Netbeans’ lack of packages should mean JME lacks a package.

Also, I should note that there is a netbeans package in Ubuntu’s default repository such that the following command, by itself, is completely functional on 16.04:

sudo apt-get install netbeans

(yes, I realize it is best to use sudo apt-get update before instsalling packages)

That installs version 7.0 which is extremely old.

The splash screen on my Ubuntu computer with Netbeans installed in that manner says it is version 8.1. It may have been 7.0 on 14.04, but, it is definitely 8.1 in 16.04.

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