Yet another question about ChaseCamera

Hi guys,

like many others i'm still a noob using jME, but it's really starting to grow on me.

here is what i wanted to do which i first thought might be able to be done with a ChaseCamera:

let's say in the scene there are 2 objects objA & objB some distance apart, and my camera is currently at camPosA looking at objA;

i would like to somehow (like using setTarget(Spatial) or something) move my camera to camPosB where the relative position between camPosB & objB is the same as camPosA & objA, but inbetween this movement the camera is always looking at objB while flying thru space towards camPosB…

i hope this is not too confusing… an example of this movement i guess is if you're playing a golf simulator and doing a course flythru, starting from a camera looking at the tee, then the camera switches to fixating on the hole at the end of the course while flying towards it in a straight line, and ending at the same relative position with the hole as it was with the tee before…

i dunno, this probably requires playing with the idealPosition in the ChaseCamera class or something, but at the moment it seem like a value that all external manipulation is not recommended… has anyone done this?