Zoffset render state?

Is it possible to set a Zoffset render state?? Looking through all the available states I don't see any possibilities.  Also, what about creating my own?

  When creating pre-rendered shadows this would be a much more elegant solution than; having to manually adjust the Zoffset during rendering, update the positions of the shadows because the are not attached to a parent, manually adjust render states because its not attached to a parent node…

But maybe I am missing something here, I usually am.

Zoffset is available on passes

But that means I must still have separated nodes for shadows (in order to render just those nodes) doesn't it??  This is what I am trying to avoid, since by placing the the shadow in a node not attached to the actual object: positions, culling, lightstates, etc must be controlled manually.  This seems like a LOT of work when just a setting an offset as a renderState (like all other states in jME) would easily solve the issues.

But again, I might be missing something, maybe its possible for a node to exist in multiple trees (ex. rootNode and shadowNode)