Any open-source games made with JME?

Question says it all. I’ve found a couple, but they’re quite hard to find. I’m not necessarily looking for complete games, just something that’s relatively playable.

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What have you found so far?

Depending on how complete you want the games to be, you could include:

Thanks for the links. I’m mainly looking for games, and 3D ones.

May I ask why? It may help to provide you with whatever it is you seek. For example you might be looking at how people implement space games, or how cars work, etc.

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It’s just because I’m between hobby projects and was looking for some inspiration. I’m not looking to particularly learn anything (although it’s always interesting to see how other people do stuff), more to take an existing game and extend it rather than start from scratch.

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The glorious OpenKeeper:

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If you’re looking for a starting point, there are a couple very simple games in the jme3-examples project: CubeField, RollingTheMonkey, and WorldOfInception:
jmonkeyengine/jme3-examples/src/main/java/jme3test/games at master · jMonkeyEngine/jmonkeyengine · GitHub
RollingTheMonkey is the best of these, in my opinion: worth playing for a minute or two.

My one open-source game is (barely) playable, but lays some groundwork for a more sophisticated project:
GitHub - stephengold/jme3-maze: game: explore a randomly-generated 3-D maze with a Pharaonic Egypt theme (New BSD license)

If you’re looking for a client-server game, there’s MonkeyZone:
GitHub - SkidRunner/MonkeyZone: A jMonkeyEngine3 game

A more ambitious project:

All the source for my ludum dare games are up on my github. They aren’t very finished or nice to look at, but you might see a few ways that stand out as how not to do something XD


Most of my projects are open source JME games and can be found here:

My most successful can be found here:

Prison Escape is averaging a few thousand downloads per day and I’m making about $3-400 per month on Google Play Admob. It’s a real piece of garbage and I cannot fathom why it is so succefsful.



Markets are strange. I don’t know anything about your game but it would have caught my eye from the name alone given that “Prison Architect” and other “prison escape” style shows/things are trending in media at the moment.

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Here is one more. It is quite old but yeah… at least it’s playable :slight_smile:

Here is the source:


Most of these GitHub projects are not easily found.

Why not tag them with topics like jmonkeyengine3 and jme3?


Here’s my open source JME games (the ones at least playable):


That’s a good idea, but I also wish that projects would at least have a readme and hopefully a screenshot. A lot of open-source projects need to be compiled and run (often no small task) just to find out what on earth they are!

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