Any open source, jME3-compatible animated model repos out there?

I am trying to learn jMonkeyEngine and am about half-way through the tutorials. In the Animation Tutorial an Oto.mesh.xml model is loaded and then animated (essentially) like so:

Node player = (Node)assetManager.loadModel("Models/oto/Oto.mesh.xml");
AnimControl animControl = player.getControl(AnimControl.class);
AnimChannel channel = animControl.createChannel();

From a previous question, I now understand that:

  1. In the modeling tool used to create the model, such as Blender, the artist labeled each available animation; and of these animations, one of them was one called "stand". Hence, “stand” is a valid animation to call from inside jME3
  2. These animation labels actually live inside Oto.skeleton.xml, but that the skeleton model file is pulled in when the code loads the mesh model file (via assetManager.loadModel(...))

I’m a typical “enterprise” software engineer. That is, I write JVM code for big business. Boring stuff: REST services, front ends, utility software, uggh. But I’m brand new to (and very excited about!) Java game dev in jME3. But at least with jME3, I’m already a Java developer, so it’s just a mater of learning jME3’s APIs and the tricks of the gamedev trade. But 3D modeling is completely, brand-spanking-new to me. While I (slowly) ramp up my knowledge of Blender, I was hoping that there might be some magical repo of open source (or at least dirt cheap) animated models that I could use to build some starter/hobby “games” with.

Ideally, I’m looking for a model of a human being (ninja, normal-looking civilian, soldier, whatever) that already has these built-in animations. This way, I can use them to really learn the jME3 APIs and (like I said) ramp up on Blender on the side, at my own pace. But if no such “animated model repo” exists, then I basically have to learn both at the same time, or even learn how to model in Blender first. I’d prefer to do it the other way around, jME3 → Blender.

So I ask: do any such animated model repos exist? Are they open source? Again, I’m ideally looking for a human being that can be animated to portray typical movements, such as:

  • Walk
  • Run
  • Turn head left/right
  • Punch
  • Kick
  • Crouch
  • Jump
  • etc.

I don’t need it to do all (or technicall, any) of these specific things, but those actions would be the most useful in a game setting :-).

Any ideas, or am I SOL?

My friend luck is with you. :blush:
what you want is exist and is for free. And I created some tutorials for it just a few weeks ago .
please take a look here :

In tutorial in Part1 I used free model from .
But you do not need to download model from there because has already free rigged human models with thousands of animations you can apply .
So you can simply skip the Part 1 and continue with other parts.[but i suggest you watch it :stuck_out_tongue:]

Also peoples here gave the idea about creating JME’s own asset store few weeks ago. and in future we may have our own asset store with free or paid models.

Oops I forgot to say that if you have any problem in any steps above please ask it and I will try to answer it if i can :grinning:

Awesome, thank you!!! I will give your tutorial a thorough read over the weekend! Great news - thanks again!

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Try checking for blender models.