Building JMonkeyEngine with Ogre3D

Heya Peeps!
Yes I’m a newbie… but I’m not a Novice.
Okies… just as the Subject indicates, I have a specific question… Has anyone tried building JMonkey from Source with Ogre3D ?

I am giving some serious consideration to this as the foundation for my Thesis Project. I have two rules; all software must be open source with some variant of the Creative Commons License… AND… all software must be Linux Compatible / Linux Based. That’s it… short and sweet.

What is my Thesis Project? Well, I’m glad you asked…

Kebec1661 is being designed to be an MMORPG, which utilizes Open Source Software, that is fully integrated into an easily deployed software development package as a 3D Virtual Reality.

So, with no further hesitation on my part, feel free to offer your suggestions, comments, wisdom as to if anyone has attempted to do this previously? Thank you in Advance for your generously provided input.

My Website : Kebec1661

Can you explain what you mean by this question? I’ve tried to make sense of it a few different ways but I can’t.

It reads like:
“Has anyone ever tried building Oranges from Fruit using Apples?”

well… I thought my question was fairly simple… perhaps a few more details would be in order so it is not as vague.

I would like to compile - from source - a project that uses the JMonkeyEngine with OGRE3D to render the graphics.

I don’t think that makes any sense, because jMonkeyEngine and Ogre3D both exist to render graphics. If you use one, you cannot use the other.

As already mentioned, this doesn’t really make sense… but I don’t even understand why you’d want to. A lot f work for no real gain.

well… as stated on the Introduction Page… JMonkeyEngine is an “open source game engine, made especially for Java game developers who want to create 3D games using modern technology”

… While Ogre3D is only a Graphics Rendering Engine…

So, perhaps a better question to ask at this point… what does JMonkey use as its Graphics Engine?

It uses jMonkeyEngine… on top of lwjgl (or jogl) which is a binding on OpenGL.

It’s its own renderer. Like an Orange is its own fruit. Written in Java… all the way down to the OpenGL layer.

Ogre3D is a C++ API… its own renderer. Like an Apple is its own fruit. Written in C++ for C++ apps.

Trying to mash an orange until it becomes an apple is going to be very difficult. Even though they are both fruit.

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so… let me fully understand your answer… JMonkey uses an OpenGL binding to render its own graphics… Correct?


By default yes. But it could use what you want as long you provide a ‘compatible module’ someone made it work with directx in the past.

Here’s my dilemma…

I am totally not a big fan of anything related to windows, (with their recent aggressive distribution tactics for Win10, I have switched ALL of my machines over to Linux and only have 1 machine still running win 8.1) and wish to solely target my Thesis Project to Linux Only - Good Bye Windows!

Now, I see that JMonkeyEngine is Java Based… which I can totally get into, as it is dammed near bullet-proof. I also see that JMonkeyEngine has its own built-in GUI module… basically… JMonkeyEngine is an All-in-One package.

Are there any tips to deploying JMonkeyEngine onto Ubuntu Server (Trusty Tahr) 14.04.4 ?

What do you mean?

jMonkeyEngine works perfectly on Linux. I use Ubuntu and develop under Ubuntu. No need to make things complicated. As I would suggest it to all newbies in terms of jMonkeyEngine just head into the beginners section and try out and then you see and maybe as well understand.

Ah and just download it from the download section and start the SDK and it will work. Out of the box.


Thank You! … someone who speaks Geek in my dialect (ubuntu) - Smoochies!

One thing I noticed in the supported file formats… has anyone given any serious consideration to supporting the MakeHuman *.mhm file format? I see I can just use Blender as an intermediary to import my asset models using Wavefront or Collada then export using Blender…

Okies… Thank you all for having taken the time to offer your experience… Time to build myself a development environment with JMonkeyEngine. If I have any more questions, I will drop on back to taunt you all a second time…

Welcome! :smile:

I’m pretty sure somebody has worked out something in this regard… search on the forum, as it is an endless mine of information.

Blender might be able to import MakeHuman Files (it used to be .mhx, though).
Look under the Addon Panel in Blender and activiate it.
You could also want MakeWalk and the other Addon, instructions on that on the MakeHuman Site itself

You can use MakeHuman to export to DAE, then import it into Blender and then import the blender file into jme. Works ok.

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In these tutorials by VscorpianC you will find how to install makehuman plugin for blender so can directly import them with rig to blender.
and by “makewalk” plugin you can add Mocap animation (BVH) to your model rig.

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yes, I am working with makehuman, in my case I do the following
1 - Makehuman stuff to mhm as well export it to mhx , also select reasonable skeleton(Secondlife works fine with me)
2 - Blender to import mhx and do ur stuff any required modification adding mocap or other thing, you need to rename all texture and join the whole models to one for simplicity to have one animation controller for all body
3 - use blender to convert it to ogre3d formal, (I know there is plan for deprecation but it works fine with me till now)
4 - In jme3 sdk convert orgre3d scene to j3o ( sometimes I need to do some fixes in the
generated skeleton file for animation)

5 - That is it you are good to go.

Note : step 3 could be skipped if you able to convert blender to j3o directly( i tested it and works fine and capture animation perfectly) but I have issue with material it appear transparent , and I do not have enough time to figure it out.

Regarding step three I was also having that issue, however I guess importing it into Blneder using Collada .dae solved that (But I don’t exactly remember, something was simply wrong with the eyebrows which needed to be fixed on the blender side).

So it was already on the blender side and not on jme’s side. Just so you know :slight_smile: