Can a tomcat and servlet jsp handle 100 billion users

This is a basic website developer question not a game developerquestion this a general but very important question to me can aserver with unlimited JVM with tomcat and web devlop only in servlet and jsp handle 100 billion users per second

Are you trying to host a game between here and some unknown galactic civilization or something?

There are currently 7.6 Billion people on earth:
About 1/2 of those have access to the internet at all: Global Internet usage - Wikipedia

So even if every person on earth started playing your game right now… They’d need to each be playing as 33 characters each.

Perhaps tell us what you’re actually trying to do instead.


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Oh… I thought maybe we were asking completely irrelevant questions now or something…


Its a basic website developer question not a game developer question

Can someone jsp developer answer this please.

if you don’t need an answer from a game developer then why did you ask on a forum for a game engine?

Also, this answer can pretty much not be answered.

First because of the fact that there aren’t 100 billion people and even if there where I doubt there is any data online about the load that that many requests cause.

second of all: It also heavily depends on what those requests do.

… Soooo you’re asking about web development on a Tomcat server that runs Javascript Servlets… on a forum about a game engine that is based on Java?

In any case as @lenscas mentioned that’s not a basic question at all.
First you’re asking how to support 33 times more people than currently exist on the internet today.
Second your jsp program is completely unknown to anyone but you. So if it’s just going to display the word “Hi” you’ll need next to no resources per call. If you’re calculating pi to a trillion digits per call then you’re probably better off going in search of a genie to grant you supreme ultimate power for this sort of operation.
Third… Lets ignore the Tomcat thing and JSP thing for a moment. No connection on earth can handle that many connections per second. According to the internet Google handles a grand total of 40,000 queries per second. As of writing this Google has handled approximately 4 billion queries today… Total.

Soooo ya. Not even remotely an easy question to answer nor basic either.

High traffic websites are modified daily and in some cases such as Facebook even develop new ways of delivering content. The process is usually an ongoing project and is generally JavaScript front end with and scalable arch and Jason api behind it. If you have even 1k regular users it will become apparent to you what the term evolve really means.

Intelligent logging and finding bottlenecks, exploits and security are the order of the day and you would do well to join a group of white hat enthusiasts if you were to become adept.

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In answer to your question, yes, a server with unlimited memory running Tomcat can handle 100 billion users per second… mileage will vary depending on your definition of “handle”.


per second… :rofl:

I talk to the web hosting service, and the answer i got is yes,

512 gb ram 8quadcore processor and tomcat servlet and jsp
1 billion users per second can easily be Handel.

If u want 100 billion user per sec then with tomcat and only servlet and jsp this is also not a problem

Cloud hosting java service reply.

…and then they hung up the phone and all died laughing.

“Can Tomcat handle 1/6th of the Earth’s population per second?”

“Sure, buddy… sure.”

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Hey pspeed talk to the hosting service

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I don’t need to. I already know enough about your logic and attention to detail to know anything that they told you was bull. Never mine the fact that BIG apps like facebook are proud to handle only millions of requests per second.


  1. you are asking a web server question in a game dev forum = you have no idea what you are doing.
  2. you are asking about “users per second” with a number so large that it’s ridiculous when “requests per second” is the real question. “Yeah, you can handle a quintilliion users per second… as long as they aren’t making any requests.”

So anyway, I already know your kind of ignorant. And I’m sure the web hosting guys figured that out pretty quickly also.

Hey pspeed talk to the hosting service, they will clear all your doubt.