Control of hair is Minie or bone?

Search for hair in forums only this article matches.

But I still have some questions.

The walking animation in the video would normally cause hair to move.
But I haven’t animated the hair yet.
That’s when I thought of Minie.
Use Minie to simulate the movement of the hair ends.
But it seems to me that the dialogue in the article doesn’t particularly support using minie for emulation.
I wonder why Minie can’t simulate hair. If I just want to simulate the swing of the hair ends, do I just need the hair ends to be soft?

Another idea that I have is to use physics in blender to do the animation ahead of time, which seems like a good choice for most people.

I haven’t put these ideas into practice yet, but I’ll start putting them into practice when my new hard drive is installed.
Before that, any good suggestions and ideas on how to simulate the physics of wiggling hair ends with minie, please let me know. Thank you very much

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What about using DynamicAnimControl and making hair bones dynamic? so they would be controlled by physics.


My first thought would be to try to use soft body physics for the hair similar to how you’d set up a skirt or cape with physics.

But if that isn’t an option, then I’d go with the suggestion @Ali_RS gave and use DynamicAnimControl, although I think that would work better for hair styles like a pony tail where the hair flows in one direction that can be represented by a single chain of bone links, and it wouldn’t work as well for hair styles like an affro or bob cut that extend in multiple directions.

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I’ll give it a try

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I would use DAC With ragdoll hair related hair bones.

Softbody is nice for cloth, but i dont think it match hair, and probably bone more optimal anyway.

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