Use Minie softbody

I want to use Mine cloth system(softbody)
1:export a human body model by blender(gltf)
2:export a hair model by blender(gltf)
3:import to jme use DynamicAnimControl bind my human
4:then i want to use the hair modle link to this human and this hair use mine cloth system

i try it some way
but it is failed

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I have a 3D editor program on android
and used jme
this program is online now

Mine cloth example is create mesh by jme

Simulating hair might be difficult. I suggest you learn about Minie soft bodies by simulating something easier, like a foam-rubber object or a piece of cloth.

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i am tring.

What kind of failures are you seeing?

If the app crashes, there should be a diagnostic message and/or a stack trace.

If there is unexpected behavior, a short video of the behavior might yield some insight.

iā€˜m try to use DynamicAnimControl And link a cloth mesh(export by blender)
Now i dont know how to do it

DynamicAnimControl can only generate rigid bodies, not soft bodies.

I know this~ i learned your Mine
and i try to use my model
this is my code

it is my result

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I remember the skirt required much tuning. Here are some details and tricks I remember:

  • The cloth mesh should be as homogeneous as possible, with diagonals that alternate directions and all edges approximately the same length.
  • A short physics time step helps to prevent rigid bodies from poking through the cloth.
  • Increasing the margin of the cloth also helps prevent poking through, but if it becomes too large, the cloth will billow away from the body.
  • Instead of fitting the skirt to the body, begin with the skirt raised and allow gravity and rigid bodies to shape it.

thanks i will try always
and i will publish my android app on googleplay soon
now it is a chinese Simplified project

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