Dead Monkey ---


I take it monkeyzone is dead now correct?


It seems that team has abandened this project, but some folks still trying to learn something from it.


I have been working on a mobile fps framework for it lately.


I figured as much since its coded for java 1.5, links in the wiki page are broken and no activity on the project page…

I guess I will just update it myself for personal study.


fork from mine its already updated.


Yes, I am mostly wondering what to do with the wiki page on it. It needs updating badly but that also means the core team needs to give some input on the update of the monkeyzone code since they are now onto 3.2+ of the engine and this was written in java 1.5 for jme3.0 I believe.


my wiki or the core wiki?


jmonkey wiki page.


Well i think it should be something like “learn from the old stuff” Thing, since the java Version is irrelevant. It could be written in C# and you could still get the relevant Stuff.

From 3.0 to Current Master there werent many big design changes so the scenegraph, appstates and all are still there and I think this is what you could learn from it: how to properly Design the Codebase for a bigger Project.

I cant tell though if the Code still uses things which were already bad in 3.0 like implenenting Control or appstate