Does BloomFilter work with PBR Emissive values?

And if so, is there anything special I need to do to my forked versions of the pbr shader to get it to work?

It seems like using a bloom filter does something to the shiney parts of my terrain at day when the DirectionalLight is bright, but not at night (which is strange because I don’t think I had an emissive value set on this terrain). However the bloom filter doesn’t appear to do anything noticeable to a normal model that’s using my forked version of PBRLighting even though it does have an emissive value set to it.

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Afaik, for PBR, you need to use GlowMode.Scene in the BloomFilter.


Or otherwise, you may want to make these changes to your PBR material:


I make plenty of custom materials and never seem to have to do anything special to get them to “bloom”… just be bright.

But maybe I’m accidentally cutting-pasting something from shader to shader. (I never use glow mode.) I also don’t use PBR.

Note: my lights are almost always brighter than 1 in these cases.

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