Dressing - bones

Hi i wanted to ask if it is possible(and smart) to make lets say a jaket and tie it to its sceleton and the tie different bones of jakets skeleton to a human model skeleton ,soo it will follow in animation and stuff.Only other way i can think is creating a human model with all different jakets and…


Yes, this is certainly possible, and it’s how I would solve the problem of having a base character with exchangeable clothing. In some cases you might be better off keeping it simple and just making multiple characters with different outfits, but in other cases you must make it possible to change clothes. Start by reading through what @mitm posted.

@huliqing was writing the blog series about his game. there were articles about dressing.
It was on Chinese, but google help to translate that.



I also open source my game on github:

Hope it can help you.

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