Fbx to blender to J3o seem colapse

Am trying to get a fbx model into my game by converting it as a blender file. We are trying to get a pipeline working but so far not so good :confused:

Here are a few picture of the results :

What it look like in blender :

What its look like first import

What its look like after setting a texture on the model

And finaly what its look like once i have save, left and came back

Got a nice error message :confused: And sadly it does that whit pretty much any animation fbx file I try to pass by blender into JME. Ogre simply refuse to convert the model btw.

It is a bug in SDK and seems is not fixed yet. It also happened for me.
If you edit and save it inside code [not in SDK Scene Composer] it will work 99.99%.
there is one trick to make it works in SDK Scene Composer and it is to create material using sdk

I fix it in this video:

then you can edit and save in SDK scene composer without problem.

but about your first problem
Make sure to bake animation in blender then import it to JME.
if you do not know how to bake it, I created a video tutorial for that

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It does help but i still have that white mass at the bottom of my model :confused: If I suppresse the bones i don’t have this problem tho, the model is import whiout any problems :chimpanzee_lobotized:

Did you bake animation ? if your model has no animation, add an animation to it then bake it.
Before baking make sure to :
“clear scale” of your armature. To do that in blender select rig and hit “Alt+S”. now you need to apply rotation and location using “Ctrl+A” .
then select just meshes (not armature) and apply “Scale”,“Rotation”,“Location”

finally the rotation and scale of mesh and armature should look like below :

hope it helps.

Well not certain but from your style it looks like you’re not using the latest sdk? (Or did you manually switch to the legacy style?)

We’ve had many fixes and the engine had as well, so maybe it helps a bit.
If not The problem for me is that I have no clue what could become wrong so the engine crashes :confused:

Are you with me?
I am using SDK alpha 5 . soon going to update to beta 1.
I created those videos using alpha 2.

I know that, but you don’t have the “brown” darkmonkey either,
I didn’t talk to you but to @SimonBedard with that

Oops! :blush: Sorry for getting it wrong.

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So I did just put it up to date and yet I still have the same problem. I have it on an other model too. It felt like the model is collapsing. If I remove the bones I get the model okay, but I kinda need the animation :confused:

Maybe @Kaelthas (The Blender Guy) can have a look, if you give him your .blend and .j3o.

This will take some time though, since he’s a busy man :stuck_out_tongue:

Did the workaround from Ali help a bit (the exception should be fixed by using your own material)?
Maybe you can set the CullHint for the Bones Geometry?

Well ya, worked whit it but still can’t seem to make the model work :confused: . At lest I know how to bake a animation now, so as soon as my bones problem is gone it should be a lots of fun :smiley:

How are bones calculated in JME anyway? Cause this is now a 100% bone problem :confused:

So i still can’t seem to find what is wrong :confused: Does anyone had the problem befaure?

never had any issues going from blender to jme… can you post your blender file, or even better, a simple test case file that suffers the same problems ?

Here is the link to both the fbx and the blender i made out of it. I know the animations are not yet bake, thas a problem for later, but for now i want the bones to work and i just can’t seem to do it :confused:

Hi @SimonBedard

here is your model correctly imported from blender to JME :

I edited your blender. You can download it here
You can simply convert it to j3o in SDK.

In your case applying “Scale” of armature to “1” was not useful because scale data were set in key frames and it was 0.01 so i set scale to 1 across all key frames using
this script in blender:

import bpy

scale = 100 #change this value  'scaling factor'

for action in  bpy.data.actions :
    for fcurve in action.fcurves :
        if fcurve.data_path == 'scale':
            for p in fcurve.keyframe_points :
                p.co[1] *= scale

I will add a new video tutorial about this problem soon, maybe this weekend.


Just a question: You talk about video tutorial are those tutorials available in the wiki somewhere? If not wouldn’t that be a good idea?
I only worked once through the tutorial going via the ogre plugin. But it seems now it is possible to import directly from blender without big troubles.

Man you are a life saver! Thanks! I knew someone who knew what he was doing could do it :smiley: ! The pipeline is now open x)! Well, when I actually fully underthant what all that scaling mean x)

Anyway thanks you so much!

Edit : I can also see that your anim control is in the same file as the model and the skeleton, something i could not do. How did achive that?

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You’re welcome.

I just baked animation in blender.

They are not in wiki but in forum:

If people think those tutorials are good enough to put on wiki, then for sure I will do that :slight_smile:

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Hey, i do not have access to the blender file, could you send me an authorisation? The mail is JavaKhanStudio@Gmail.com :smiley: