(February 2015) Monthly WIP Screenshot Thread

Well, not really a screenshot, but yesterday I discovered that I can run Appstates WITHIN Appstates! My Application is now less than 100 lines of code, most of which are comments!


Also, relevant:

So true. :sunglasses:

Hey, can we have a “Monthly WIP” or “showcase” category?

Yeah that’d be awesome! I really love to see all the work others have done with JME! I sometimes even look at the threads which are > 2 years old because I like to see the work of others… :smile:

I finally come to the end of Fearkill a kind of a horror shooter which I’ve been developing over the last 10 months or so. I learned so much writing it and I think the output is kinda enjoyable (at least I hope so :smiley: ). Well here’s a couple of new screenshots:

Something really awesome is the animation I created which you see in the second picture. It’s actually created via MoCap with a Kinect and Blender… I didn’t even know you could do that for a really long time!


First the tools (really WIP) : blender <-> jme

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Next the horrible game: VDrones

Edit: GUI made with JavaFX (include css, , ttf, fxml, i18n)

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Link to tutorial please :wink:

There isn’t really a tutorial I followed but it really is not complicated. I use the Xbox 360 Kinect with a pc cable. You have to have all the drivers installed, you can use the automatic method from here. On the same page you can download the Brekel Kinect (free) main application. I know that the website tells you that it is outdated but for me it works. You could also buy the newer versions if you intend to do so. With your kinect plugged in and Brekel started you should see your skeleton via the kinect camera on your computer now. Now you just need to record and save it as a BVH file. You can then load it into Blender and retarget it using MakeWalk (http://www.makehuman.org/doc/node/mhblendertools_makewalk_basic_workflow.html) which is really simple and which offers a lot of functionality. It only supports certain armatures though, you should read their tutorials. And that’s the basic workflow there isn’t much more to it. With MakeWalk you can shift the animation and keep the feet above the floor and so on; the only thing left to do is probably cleaning up the animation in Blender. I can make a more detailed explanation in another thread if someone gets stuck at any step :wink:



not really screenshots and way less to show than most of the things here. I tried to finish up the main menu, but it seems to take awhile. So here are just 2 videos from the ground work in our Dungeon Keeper II remake project:

We can load any map, with just the rooms and torches and items missing. And without the famous DK II “noise”.

We can load and animate all the models.

All JME baby! But very very early development stage.


As you all know or not know, @erlend_sh asked me to do a Example Multi platform game for jME.
Progress so far look very good.
Checkout my developer video:


Dungeon theme!!! +1

We’ve currently put this on hold for a bit while we work out what we want to do with it but I thought it might be worth showing the work off at least. It’s a space sandbox game. Asteroids are randomly generated and constructed using voxels, they are meant to be smoother later on and not blocky.

FPS has been capped to 140.

Hopefully when March arrives I will have some wip screenshots of another game we’re working on :smile:


@DannyJo That looks amazing.
Will it be some kind of space voxel game?
Maybe that could be nice.

Thanks, it’s heavily influenced by Space Engineers at the moment but we’re currently having a think about the design of the actual game a bit more.

Mining asteroids, gathering resources, building stuff and trading. We want to make player to player interaction a bit more needed for large scale constructions etc.

GUI is using Nifty at the moment for anyone wondering.

Looks awesome! I am looking forward to future progress pics? Have you decided whats going to be the main selling point, or what sets it apart from space engineers? Or is it a just for fun project?

I would post my progress pics, but Im not finished with a big part so Ill probably not be able to show anything until the March edition thread.

At the moment that project is a bit on ice while we’re working on something different. But our idea for it is to make it a bit more of a mix between sandbox/construction, mining and trading somehow. We want to make players more dependent on each other but we’ll see once we pick it all up again…if we do.

I’m glad to see “SPACE” is getting some attention from JME3. A little something I’ve been working on for a while, actually part of a much larger project…

Blackhole siphoning its Type O companion star.

Event Horizon and accretion disk heavy inspired by the movie INTERSTELLAR comparison…
Interstellar Movie Black Hole

Procedural Gas Giant, inspired by John Whigman’s Blog Here



Nice little vignet and rain filters with dem shader nodes (Probably boring to most of you but I’m only just learning how to use them so it makes me happy :stuck_out_tongue: )


Looks really cool. Is there a cubemap on the shield?

Thanks :smile: No cube/environment mapping yet, that’s just standard specular on the (very original) shield

Hello monthly screenshot champs! Working on anything cool these days? Whether it’s the same thing as it was back when this thread started or something brand new, however big or small, please consider sharing it for the 2015 jMonkeyEngine showcase video:

Keep the WIPs coming!