Field of fire indicator

Has anyone written a custom mesh that generated a 2D field of fire indicator that is based on a firing arc? For example a 90 degree firing arc. I was about to write one but reinventing the wheel is not efficient.

You can use Blender or other tool to create such assets for game.

I would prefer a dynamic mesh because I have field of fire bufs in the game that can modify the angles.

So, you basically want a mesh of an arc, with parameters, eg length and angle of arc? Well, I do not have such thing, maybe others do, thou you can just write one in few mins.

Such a thing probably doesn’t exist as it’s pretty game specific…

Do you have an example of what it should look like?

Here is a visual example …

EDIT: Yes I need min and max range too

This seems somewhat related to a different thread talking about radial progress indicators and a kind of simple shader trick + gradient textures to make it happen.

A quick search on “radial progress indicator” returned nothing. Do you remember a key word from that thread by chance?

Wow… search totally failed in this case. I tried searching for ‘radial’ and ‘progress’… and it didn’t find this post:

…despite the fact that both of those words are right in the title. I had to scroll down to find it. Really instills confidence in the search feature.

Edit: I was able to search and find it by changing the options to sort by latest post. But man.

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That’s a super cool trick … I can adapt it and create a shader the works of off a gradient line and set the material to repeat and then I will be able to apply it to any mesh and turn that mesh into a progress bar. SUPER cool!

Just fixed the title (it seems that isn’t a good idea to merge the / separator with the names)

You know you’re a game dev when you use shaders to create progress bars. :wink:

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Most of the cool coding in my game is done with shaders lol

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