GDC 2006 demos

Guys, just wanted to start a thread here regarding GDC '06 coming up in March.  We have not yet been officially invited by Sun to attend as part of their booth, but considering how late we were told last year, I'd like us to get a jump start this time.

Last year we had Per's Marble game, Dirt, Furballz (which we developed in less than a week for the show) and a few physics demos.  We also had our jmetests and a GLSL earth demo I put together.  All of that was running in jME 0.8 on a PC and my powerbook.

This year I'd like us to put together a demo reel with music and the whole nine yards.  We should also have a few new games to show off.  We want to be showing off jME .10 functionality.  So use this thread to announce what you have and I will keep tally below in this post:

Announced jME demos for GDC 2006 (name of demo / user on the hook for it):  :)

I will have Roll-A-Rama (which I'm creating a soccer game for) finished and ready to go.  It already has music, chat, multiplayer, Swing integration, shadows, and full physics networking.  It needs a lot of polishing, but it's becoming quite fun to play with.  I will try to add AI players as well as a few other games for people to be able to play.  I'll have the soccer version up and ready to play possibly today, but I'm still lacking a good soccer ball texture and am currently using a smiley face on the ball. :slight_smile:

I don't know if this is up to par with what you want to be showing off, but it sure does have a little bit of everything in it. :slight_smile:


Lol, a smiley football actually sounds fun - bring on mario style

I wont be ready with my beast till at least april :frowning:

Maybe flagrush could become multi player, intoduce mines that the bikes can lay and rockets that they can shoot

I also wonder if you could market youreselves better. The first page for jmonkeyengine should include pictures of good scenes. this will give new visitors an instant idea of what is acheivable

check out nehe, although its not on their frontpage, once looking at the lessons, you see what you are in for. I would go one better and include thumnails on the front page

We would really like to see MonkeyWorld3D also as a demo at the GDC 2006!

Hopefully by then we will have version 3.0 released!

Also, by then there will be tons of video tutorials…

I have a project that I have been working on and off since the beginning of JME. It did not progress that far but it displays how you can use jme to make complicated games. A large part of the game can be programmed in a scripting language/map file I maid. The code is a mess and the game is not yet playable but part of a powerful map editor is mostly done and it can make a very nice screen saver.

The game is going to be a space based fighting game. The parts that I have not yet finished are: The Shooting and Collation system, The trigger system and the in game GUI pluses a few other odds and ends.

The game is right now on hold but I will expedite production to make it displayable if you are interested.

Tell me if you are interested.

lol, i would be interested badmi

during 2005 i created several interactive installations using jme (mostly floor projections with camera tracking/ motion detection)

they were exhibited at various places/ fairs/ exhibitions throughout europe.

here's an example: (having quicktime 7 would be a good thing)

i'll have more information up on my site - which will be launched this week.

Very nice, do you have an implementation that would use the mouse as the motion point?  (ie so it could be run as a demo on the computer…)

thanks. there is no mouse support currently, but i don't think it should be hard to add it.

i will have a look at it in a few days … is there anything else i should take into account?

(btw. i had to move the video to:

no, as long as it can run on a monitor and have some way of interacting with the mouse (throwing a ball or cube around and scaring fish would be fun too…)

When is the deadline for this?  Roll-A-Rama is functional but I'm still working on some bugs and need to know when I have to have it packaged and ready to show off. :o

If all goes as planned (which it almost never does) I will have everything fixed and the game finished this evening.  Also, have we heard anything back from Sun yet?


So Renanse gets a new job and then completely abandons us here huh? :-p

Renanse, we still need you!!!  :cry:


I also have started an MMO, with a network engine, sound and so on… but I am afrait it will not be released before GDC2010  :smiley:

So Renanse gets a new job and then completely abandons us here huh? :-p

He's out of town for a wedding. I'm busy packing up my house. You're going to have to make do for a few weeks.

I was joking, but Renanse was saying something about needing to have the demos ready to show by the end of this month.  I'm just trying to make sure I have it ready when it's needed.


ya didn't know you guys played such a huge roll in the forums but you guys like post on every topic atleast once.

Hey sorry, actually I was out of country to see my wife's family before her grandmother passes on.  :frowning:

So I'm back today and combing through lots of email and board postings.  I pack this week and move next week, so as Mojo says, there may be some delay.

Also, no word from Sun yet.  I will try and contact Chris Melissinos this week.

No problem buddy, I sympathize with the situation it's only been a few months now since my brother passed away, so I have a pretty good idea of how crazy things can be.

Let me know if you hear anything.


Roll-A-Rama is fuctioning quite well and I could give you a private demonstration of it.  I've been holding out to announce an official release until my server is up an running, but it ships tomorrow and will be hopefully up and running able to show off by the end of this week.

Drop me a message and I'm happy to send you a copy you can run locally on your machine.  The way I've written it, it has a nice menu and fading sequences between the game and the menu but I can easily change it to go straight to the game if you'd like (although the menu took almost as much time to write as the game itself). :)  I removed shadow support, but everything else is working quite nicely.  I can get shadow support back in but had not been in any big hurry since my dreams of GDC I thought were crushed. :-p